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Tonelux expands it's already versatile line of recording solutions with the addition of the TR8 bus assign module and the VU4 VU meter package. This now completes the line of traditional console options, with no compromises. In as little as a 20" wide frame, you can have a complete 16 channel console with ShadowMix automated faders, MX2 or MX5.2 input modules, EQs from Tonelux (and the many companies that will be building EQs and pre amps for the VRACK system), Mic Pres, Track routing/bussing and metering.

TONELUX TR8, TR8+ Bus Assign Modules
The TR8 and TR8+ modules allow the Tonelux rack system to assign any input to a bus assign module and then the bus module can then be assigned to any bus in the system. Perfect for parallel drum mixes, tracking, fold back, IFB, mix minus, etc. The module is totally self contained and can act as an input module by itself. It has a balanced input, an additional input with a 6 dB pad, and a balanced output. With the front panel level and pan controls, the signal can be sent anywhere. A typical configuration would to have the first two busses assigned to Stereo Left and Stereo Right, and the other 6 assigned to unused busses for sub grouping. This allows the module to be used as an input module as well as a tracking module.

TONELUX VU4 Meter Package
The VU4 module is a quad meter package for the Tonelux rack system. It allows two separate inputs from two sources like a mic pre output and a D to A output, switchable with the A/B switch on the front panel. The VU4 also has a switch to adjust the input level for two settings, preset as +4 = 0VU and +10 = 0VU. but can be set for any level from -10 to +24. The trim pots are accessed through the front panel and the custom backlit meters are illuminated with white LEDs so you will never have to deal with burned out lamps. The VU4 has buffered outputs for external metering that follows the internal level calibrations and switching. The main input is multed to the output so no "Y" cable is required to use it in line.

See the complete Tonelux line at the 121st AES Convention, San Francisco, Tonelux booth #532.

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