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Gladiator is a powerful and fundamentally new synthesizer with Harmonic Content Morphing synthesis This new synthesis method is based on a large and expandable repertoire of standard waves like pulse, unique synthetic waveforms as well as resynthesis waves like trumpets, organs, pianos and voice samples. These waves can be modified in real-time by e.g. FM modulation, altering its harmonic structure, syncing, Any modification of a wave can be modulated producing lively shimmery sounds (recall: with only one oscillator!). In total there are more than 30,000 different spectra available for combination and modulation. For example You can take a Hammond organ, FM modulate the organ with a sawtooth, create a hypersaw and amplitude modulate this signal with a BPM synced vocoder drumline.

IQM (intelligent micro tuning) is a feature of Gladiator which automatically tunes the notes that you play so they play in a different scale and sounds more "fat". For example when you play C2 and C3 on your keyboard, Firebird will detune both notes slightly which results in a fatter or thicker sounds. IQM also allows chords to be processed to make them sounds more clean. For example a major chord has the frequency relationship of Note 1: Note 2 : Note 3 = 1 : 1.2599 : 1.498 But after being processed by Gladiator, after each note has been detuned slightly, the new frequency relationship would be: Note 1 : Note 2 : Note 3 = 1 : 1.25 : 1.5

Advantages of the Gladiator synthesizer:

  • Real high-end sound quality: Analog, warm, transparent and fat
  • Huge sonic range: From classic to unique science fiction
  • Excellent value for money
  • Low CPU and high reliability
  • Gladiator can replace a complete room full of hardware
  • Flexibility and expandability
  • 750 professional sounds from Vengeance and others
  • Gladiator was created by professional dsp scientists
Harmonic Content Morphing Synthesis features;
  • Advanced HCM (new synthesis, unique sounds)
  • FM
  • AM
  • PWM (can be applied on every waveform)
  • Sync
  • Phase modulation / PM
  • Vocoder sounds (512 bands)
  • Waveshaping
  • Supersaw (can be applied on every waveform)
  • Additive sounds (512 harmonics)
  • Resynthesis sounds
  • Phase distortion
  • Sample playback
  • Real stereo
  • 18 oscillators per voice
  • 74 different oscillator types with 30208 waveforms
  • Additional user defined waveforms with modifiers
  • Aliasfree / 162x oversampling (sample playback)
  • Modular routing
Filters and effects:
  • 40 different filters in high-end quality (Analog, vocal, comb, elliptic, phaser, lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch, EQ, ...)
  • 20 different effects in high-end quality
  • 7 distortion types with warm, analog sound
  • Programmable arpeggiator, step LFO and trancegate
  • BPM syncable
  • IQM for clearer chords (intelligent microtuning)
  • 4x stereo unison

System requirements:
PC: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista, Processor with at least 700 Mhz, 128 MB free RAM, 30 MB hard disc space, VST 2.4 compatible host software (free available)
MAC: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher, Intel MAC or Power PC, 128 MB free RAM, 30 MB hard disc space, processor with at least 600 MHz (Note: the MAC version is an universal binary that supports AU and VST)

Processor support: 64 Bit processor support, 32 Bit processor support, multi-core CPU support, single-core CPU support, optimized for Intel / AMD / Apple processors
Audio interface support: VST 2.4 / AU synthesizer plugin, VST 2.4 / AU effect plugin, 22,44,48,96,192 kHz sample rate, stereo, 64 Bit accuracy.

Availability: Gladiator v1.0 for PC is now available, the MAC version will be released before Christmas 2007. A demo version with a 10 minute time limit is also available.

Price: $199/€149

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