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Pearl has introduced three new snare designs that provide a variety of tension levels and three different mounting options to customize snare response.

Two models feature Graduated Tension snares that extend the dynamic range of the drum. Less tension allows snares to kick in at lower dynamic levels with greater tension impacting higher dynamic levels. The curved end plates on the S-1420C provide graduated tension with the loosest tension wires in the center. The concaved end plates on the S-1420D provide graduated tension with tightest tension wires in the center. The straight end plate on the S-1420I provides even tension across all tension wires.

All three snares feature .6mm phosphor bronze end plates and low mass non-plated rust proof snare wires for quick response and low mass. Each end plate contains a raised and flush set of cord holes and strap slots for attaching the snares to the drum. The raised holes create tunnels for the cords thus allowing the end plates to lie flat against the drumhead, while the flush holes and strap slots allow the cords and straps to lift the end plates off the drumhead surface.

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