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TC Electronic has announced software updates for the System 6000, P2 Level Pilot and D22 Digital Broadcast Delay. The updates are being released during the AES exhibition in New York.

System 6000

The new version 3.30 of the System 6000 software is free of charge for System 6000 users. New features include:

  • Extended Skywalker Collection - In the update we have extended the Skywalker Collection with new reverbs and boundary effects for stereo, 5.1 and 6.1 formats. From one of the best studios in the film industry to one of its best processors.
  • More Unwrap - The double precision upmix algorithm, Unwrap, features new optimized 5.1 conversions for film and music. It also includes the industry's first high resolution upmix of encoded LtRt material especially targeted for music. (Note: Unwrap requires optional license)
  • Removal of 0dBFS+ signals - Based on recent research from TC, the BrickWall Limiter has been updated with new features for removal of 0dBFS+ signals in music and film mastering. The limiter can now prevent distortion from being generated in low bitrate codecs (MP3, AC3, AAC etc.) and sensitive consumer CD players. Please refer to the TC website (Tech Library) for more information about this phenomena. (Note: Requires MD3 or MD5.1 license).
  • New Dynamics Processing and Boundary Effects - Wild new swirl, wave and psycho effect bank for 5.1 and 6.1 formats, new dynamics processing for single sources, plus recreation of M5000 dynamics presets that our users have been asking for are also part of the update.

P2 Level Pilot

The software version 1.50 is now available from TC-Now (www.tc-now.com). Changes include:

  • Instant Preset Recalls making it suitable even for transmission and linking - Because of its advanced real-time loudness control capabilities and high internal resolution, P2 is not just used for production purposes, but has also found its way into broadcast linking and transmission. Reacting to the demands of these users, TC has built a new "Instant preset change" function into software version 1.50. Presets can be changed from the front panel, using GPI (change between up to 8 presets) or using full serial control, RS232.
  • New Mono Conversion with Sum, L Mono and R Mono modes - Because P2 is typically used in a digital environment where format control and routing of single channels can be an obstacle, it can now be operated in stereo, dual mono, summed mono, L mono or R mono modes.
  • New International Broadcast presets - Based upon inputs from broadcasters around the world, P2 comes loaded with new factory presets adhering to EBU, SMPTE, French, Japanese, Canadian, Australian etc. standards, as well as presets for realtime loudness control.

D22 Digital Broadcast Delay

The D22 digital broadcast delay has been updated with new software, featuring up to 5.2 seconds of delay. The upgrade features a doubling of the delay time from 2.6 to 5.2 seconds (now up to 156 frames at 30 fps), making the D22 able to meet any broadcast delay needs in analog as well as digital broadcast.

The D22 is a high resolution delay for broadcast master control and linking. Thanks to a unique processing technique the delay can be adjusted in real-time without audible artifacts while the signal is passing. A 24-bit signal path makes D22 useable with high resolution linear audio as well as data reduced formats, for instance Dolby E. The delay is adjustable from the front panel using dedicated Nudge keys, Encoder and Tap function, or it may be remotely controlled.

All new D22's will come with the new mkIII software including double delay, and the prices are unchanged. The update can be retrofitted to existing machines for a fee.

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