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The ST2 is a two-channel, single-rack-space voice processor/channel strip. Each of the two channel: consists of four functional sections: microphone and line preamplifier, 4-band parametric equalizer, output level/pan/meter/sum, and SmarTube tube-sound processor. A variety of inputs, outputs and insertion points allow each of these sections to be used separately or together. With its versatility, comprehensive features set and expandability, the ST2 is intended to be used for both recording and live performance applications.

Each of the two channels provides an XLR low-impedance microphone input and a high-impedance 1/4" Line/Instrument (DI) input with jacks conveniently located on the front panel and duplicated on the rear panel. Both inputs have separate gain controls. The balanced XLR mic input has a-2odB Pad, Phase-reverse (polarity), a +48V Phantom power switch with LED, and a switchable, fourth-order high-pass filter. An insert unbalanced I/O with separate 1/4" Send and Return jacks is provided on the back panel. Equalization consists of a Low and High shelving section and two fully adjustable Low-Mid and High-Mid parametric filters. There is a Level, Pan and SmarTube blend control with bicolor LED, Mono/Stereo, Sizzle and Mute (with LED) switches and postLevel, pre-Pan unbalanced Direct output. Metering comprises of a 10-segment multiple color LED bar-graph array that indicates the level on the direct output and a separate Signal-presence LED.

The two channels can also be assigned independently to either the A/B stereo bus or only A or B bus via the Stereo/Mono switch. In Stereo position the channel 1 signal is panned between the A and B bus. In Mono position the channel 1 signal is sent only to the A bus, bypassing the Pan pot. In Stereo position the channel 2 signal is panned between the A and B bus. In Mono position the channel 2 signal is sent only to the B bus, bypassing the Pan pot. Unbalanced (OdBu-1/4") and balanced (+4dBu-XLR) outputs are provided on each of the A and B summing buses. A pair of additional, balanced (+4dBu-1/4") I/O's enable the expansion capabilities of the ST2. Several units can be daisy-chained, each next becoming a master for the preceding ones.

The ST2 has a built in power supply and the line connection is through an IEC connector on the back panel. A master power switch with on/off LED indicator is located on the right side of the front panel.

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