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At AES Booth # 1611, German manufacturer SPL will be introducing Channel One, a new channel strip targeted primarily at digital recording studios seeking a high-quality front end.

Based on SPL’s previously successful processing models, Channel One’s unique design includes an automated and adaptive system, minimizing the number of controls, and rendering it ready to record within seconds of setup. The tub mic preamp features 48V phantom power, pad and phase reverse switches, as well as instrument and line inputs. The de-esser operates in SPL’s signature Auto-Threshold Mode, allowing only the sibilant parts of the frequency spectrum to be reduced by phase cancellation, a departure from conventional de-essers. This affords the most clarity in processing.

The compressor/limiter employs SPL’s Double VCA Drive, providing superb dynamics without negative side effects. An ARC Noise Gate ensures reliable, click-free gating. The versatile equalizer section is designed specifically for vocals and acoustic instruments. Among low, mid and high EQ with proportional-Q characteristic, Channel One includes an air band coil EQ and a distortion stage.

Channel One also comes equipped with a headphone monitoring system to counter any latency problems common to HD recording systems. Channel One is also versatile enough to be used on any demanding recording project, both digital and analog.

SPL is a German manufacturer of audio signal processing equipment for recording, broadcast, mastering and post-production applications and is distributed exclusively in the U.S. by Group One Ltd. of Farmingdale, New York.

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