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Even drummers with expansive cymbal set ups will admit to one thing: They use the ride and hats most often. Accordingly, HQ announces the innovative new HQ SoundOff Ride and Hi-hat Mutes, available separately.

SoundOff Ride and Hi-hat Mutes emulate true ride and hi-hat stick rebound while exposing the bell surface so that the drummer can practice various cymbal sticking techniques. Ordinarily loud and cutting, the bell is sufficiently muted that neighbors will likely hear only a faint ticking—if anything at all. In fact, the mutes provide an astounding 95% reduction in volume.

The HQ SoundOff Ride and Hi-hat Mutes are constructed from an ultra-thin material that closely approximates the feel and touch of a stick hitting a cymbal. Immediately, drummers will notice a vast improvement over existing mutes—and, of course, towels and other "blanket cures". The HQ SoundOff Ride and Hi-hat Mutes are a breeze to get up and ready. They install and remove in seconds without disturbing felt washers and wing nuts.

"Most drummers have experienced the problem of practicing in apartments or late at night," notes Mike Robinson, Evans Product Manager. "Cymbals can be shrill and penetrating. The HQ SoundOff Ride and Hi-hat Mutes will quiet their sound yet retain the feel of cymbals."

The SoundOff Ride will retail for $21.99 and fits 20" and 21" cymbals. The SoundOff Hi-hat Mute will retail for $14.99 and fits 14 and 15" hi-hats. Both will be available in the first quarter of 2007.

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