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Soundfield is introducing the new SPS422B format microphone system at AES 2002 in Los Angeles. Retaining all the features and sound quality of the original SPS422 stereo, mono and M/S microphone, this new version adds B-Format direct outputs to enable expansion into 5.1 and future multi-channel formats.

The SPS422B is a two piece system, consisting of a microphone and a 1U high-end analog preamp/processor package that controls the system and provides all mic preamps needed. It is designed to be combined with the analog 1U SoundField SP451 processor which extracts 5.1 from B Format delivering "zero phase error" 5.1. The B Format addition to the SPS422 brings the package price for a complete 5.1 mic package to under $9000, the lowest cost in the industry.

The new SoundField SPS422B microphone system has four operational modes: mono, M/S, stereo and B Format. In mono, the SPS422B is a high-end variable pattern condenser microphone capable of handling all current close micing or distant micing applications in the studio. In M/S, the microphone offers unique features such as infinitely variable "side" patterns. Is stereo, it offers infinitely variable and perfectly matched polar patterns for the stereo pair, variable stereo angle from 180 to 0. All functions are remote controllable.

SoundField's SPS422B dual main line level XLR balanced outputs are used for mono, M/S and stereo operational modes. These main outputs are controlled via the SPS422B preamp processor front panel. The new B Format four XLR direct outputs send unaltered B Format directly out of the unit for one of two purposes: real-time 5.1 output with a SP451, or to a recorder for archiving and "post" 5.1 retrieval using a SP451 or other software. The SPS422B offers unparalleled flexibility in delivering all current audio delivery formats and future formats via B Format archiving.

President of Transamerica Audio Group, Brad Lunde notes, "The idea that you can start with a stereo SPS422B at under $5000, and later expand it to 5.1 makes it a perfect solution to engineers and studios that know they must invest in products with a 5.1 future."

SPS422B's unique capability is based on a unique interaction between microphone and processor. SoundField's patented four capsule array microphone captures three-dimensional acoustical information that the processor uses to build a phase accurate, single point referenced audio source called B Format. SoundField's various processors can extract 5.1, stereo, M/S, or mono all from the same B Format archive, providing complete backwards or forwards compatibility across all final delivery mediums.

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