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Sound Radix is happy to announce the immediate availability of our much anticipated, Auto-Align RTAS and VST plug-in for Windows.
In addition to the Audio Units and RTAS versions, this release also brings Auto-Align VST compatibility for Mac OS X, as well as graphics bug fixes.

Auto-Align is an automatic phase & time alignment plug-in.

When  recording an instrument with more than one mic, sound tends to reach  each microphone at a slightly different time and thus cause some  frequencies to cancel each other while other frequencies can build up unnaturally. This phenomena is known as the comb filter  effect.
Until  now, compensating for the delay between the microphones had to be done  manually - an extremely time consuming and inaccurate process.
Enter Auto-Align.
Auto-Align  will "listen" to your multi-mic recording and automatically measure and  compensate for the delay between the microphones, or between a DI box and a microphone - sample accurately, significantly  reducing the comb filter effect and dramatically improving the resulting  sound.
When  distant microphones are used and a delay is desired to enhance the  sense of space, Auto-Align can time-place the microphones to better match the close-mic'ed source and therefore minimize the comb  filter effect. Auto-Align can also automatically detect a reversed  polarity mic and compensate for it.
For more information and to download the free trial version,  go to www.soundradix.com

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