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Sonoma Wire Works has launched a free
update to the GuitarTone iOS amp and effects app that includes universal
compatibility on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, double cab and a preset board
for iPad and iPhone 5, improved tone for all amps and effects, a noise
gate, improved tuner, lower latency on newer devices, additional presets
and previews, and more. GuitarTone is a free iOS App inspired by the
ultimate collection of guitar amps and effect pedals. Sonoma created tonal
interpretations of essential vintage and custom amps, pedals and
microphones, and assembled them into GuitarTone. GuitarTone includes three
free amps ('60 Slant, Custom and Tweed Blues) and three free effects
(UltraPhase, Drive+ and Va-Room), with additional tones available for $9.99
per 12-pack. Sonoma's GuitarJack iOS audio interface activates $19.98 worth
of GuitarTone amps and effects for free while connected.

GuitarTone 2.0 New Features:

- Double Cab: The ultimate guitar tone with stereo guitar cabinets - two
cabinet and/or microphone combinations at the same time create a killer
sound (only on iPhone 5 and iPad)
- Preset Board: Quickly jump between favorite presets (only on iPhone 5 and
- Noise Gate: Reduce unwanted noise, with fast mode for high gain amps to
achieve super crunchy metal tones
- Universal App: Use GuitarTone on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
- Improved Amp Model and Tone Stack: Cascading tube amp design respond like
real amps
- Lower Latency on Newer Devices: Improved audio latency on iPhone 5,
iPhone 4S, iPod touch (5th gen), iPad mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, and iPad 2
- More than 60 New Presets
- Improved Tuner

GuitarTone Features:

- 3 free effects: Phaser, Drive+ and Va-Room
- 3 free amps: '60 Slant, Custom and Tweed Blues
- More amps and effects: 12 more amps and 12 more effects are free while a
GuitarJack audio interface is connected, or $9.99 per 12-pack
- Each AmpPack includes several amp styles inspired by iconic and boutique
gear: See sonomawireworks.com for which amps inspired these tones
- Each PedalPack includes a variety of effects: Modulators, Wahs,
Distortions, and more
- Amp and effect presets: Dozens of hand-crafted presets are included,
making it easy to find the tone you need
- Every cabinet has four microphone options: Dynamic, Condensor, Ribbon,
and Precision mics can be used with any amp
- Hundreds of amp, cab, pedal, and mic combinations: Arrange, adjust, and
save favorites as unique presets
- Pre and post effects: Drag one or more effects into an effects chain
before or after the amp
- GuitarJack control panel: Select the input (1/4 inch instrument and 1/8
inch stereo mic/line) and adjust the input levels (60 dB of continuous
level control) for Sonoma's GuitarJack:
- Record using GuitarTone 1.1 in FourTrack and StudioTrack: Amp and effect
packs purchased in GuitarTone are activated in FourTrack (iPhone) and
StudioTrack (iPad). FourTrack and StudioTrack will be updated to include
many new features from GuitarTone 2 soon

Add-On Packs:

- AmpPack 1: 12 amps for $9.99 or free while GuitarJack is connected (55,
'60 Straight, Black Deluxe, Boost 30, Brilliant 15, Brit Blues, Closed Back
Slant, Deviator, Nickeltone 64, One-off, Pedal Steel and Tweed Twin)
- PedalPack 1: 12 effects for $9.99 or free while GuitarJack is connected
(12AX7, Autowah, Chorus, Classic Wah, Compressor, Delay, Funk Wah, Reverb,
Scoop, Treble+, Uranium Fuzz and Vibrato)
- AmpPack 2: 12 amps for $9.99 (100 Slant, 100 Straight, San Antone,
Classic Blues, Closed Back, Gambler, Meister, Nickeltone 84, Rootbeer 30,
Snakeskin, Tweed Deluxe and Tweed Prince)
- PedalPack 2: 12 effects for $9.99 (Bass Autowah, BP Sweep, HP Sweep, LP
Sweep, Parametric EQ, Pocketavia, Smooth OD, Warped Flange, Tape Delay,
Tremelo, Triode and Chrome Wah)

Minimum Requirements: iOS 5, iPhone 4, iPad mini, iPad, and iPod touch (4th

About GuitarTone 2: http://www.sonomawireworks.com/guitartone

GuitarTone 2 Images:

GuitarTone 2 Video & Guide: http://www.sonomawireworks.com/guitartone/guide

GuitarTone 2 Amp & Effect Previews:

About GuitarJack, the best sounding iOS interface:

About Sonoma Wire Works
Incorporated in 2003 and headquartered in Los Altos, California, Sonoma
Wire Works develops products and services that help musicians enjoy
playing, recording and sharing music. Sonoma Wire Works' flagship product
is RiffWorks guitar recording software with InstantDrummer, effects,
RiffLink online song collaboration, and the RiffWorld.com online community.
These products have received multiple awards for performance and
innovation, including a NAMM Best in Show Trendsetter Award. FourTrack,
InstantDrummer, GuitarTone and TaylorEQ iPhone Apps, AudioCopy/AudioPaste,
and StudioTrack multitrack for the iPad are also developed by Sonoma. Drum
products by Sonoma include the DrumCore and KitCore plugins and DrummerPack
library, as well as the Discrete Drums multitrack drum library.

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