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Sonic Research introduces the Turbo Tuner ST-122, a portable true strobe tuner with an impressive array of high-end features that place the tuner in a class by itself.

The Turbo Tuner ST-122 represents a new generation of tuners in terms of speed, accuracy and flexibility. This is the first true strobe tuner that is battery operated and fits in your pocket. And with a street price of just $129.99, you can now own a true strobe tuner for less than the cost of a virtual tuner.

The Turbo Tuner's LED-based true strobe display shows the actual stroboscopic effect between a musical note and a reference frequency. The display is driven directly by the analog signal from an instrument or the built in mic, so there is zero latency - the response is instantaneous.

Some key benefits of the ST-122 are:

  • Delivers the speed and accuracy only a true strobe tuner can. Results are so accurate there is no need to fine tune by ear, as is necessary with needle and LED meter tuners.
  • Rotating action of the display is easy to read from clear across the room Proprietary automatic note selection zeroes in on the note being played and rejects background noise, giving the Turbo Tuner the fastest automatic note selection of any tuner made and excels with acoustic guitars in noisy rooms.
  • True portability - This is the first strobe tuner that fits in your pocket or instrument case. At only 4.75 x 2.7 x 1.4 inches, it's the smallest strobe tuner ever made, and is in fact more portable than many traditional tuners.
  • Programmability - This is the first and only tuner that allows the user to define his own alternate tunings. And, each note in the tuning can be offset in increments of .1 cent. You can also define up to 14 different temperaments.
  • Precision - Each Turbo Tuner is individually calibrated at the factory and guaranteed to maintain an accuracy of ±.02 cents.
  • A4 reference is adjustable from 220.0 Hz to 880.0 Hz in 0.1 Hz steps
  • Flat or sharp tuning up to 6 semitones.

These unique features — fast automatic note selection, background noise rejection, instant response and True Strobe Technology™ — mean that tuning up with Turbo Tuner is a quick and easy process, regardless of the instrument or environment.

The Turbo Tuner ST-122 is made in the USA and is available now with an MSRP of $199.99 and a street price of $129.99. It can be purchased on-line at www.turbo-tuner.com, and from select music retailers nationwide.

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