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Sonic Engineering has announced the release of the SAW Utility Pak for SAW32Lite, SAW32, SAWPlus32, and SAWPRO. The SAW Utility Pak contains four useful plug-ins: The Stereo Pan, BigTime, Meter Bridge, and Aux Send Return.

The Meter Bridge contains PEAK Style meters for monitoring any or all channels in SAW. You can select either STEREO or MONO mode, where MONO mode shows only one meter and takes much less room on the desktop. A "RESET ON RE-CUE" option will reset the meter to -infinity, and you can reset the meters by clicking the dB read out above the meters.

The Aux Send Return plug-in allows you to send audio from one track and return on another. One of the advantages of the Aux Send plug-in is you can use a single Reverb for more than one track, greatly reducing the CPU load. You can also use it for virtual mixing (amplitude only).

The Stereo Pan plug-in allows you to pan both the left and right channels independently. It works well for drum files where the kick drum is on the left and the snare is one the right. With the Stereo Pan plug-in you can position the kick in the center and the snare midway between the left and center.

The BigTime plug-in is used to display the current SMPTE time code in large friendly numbers. If you are unable to see SAW's SMPTE time code then this plugin is for you.

The SAW Utility Pak is now shipping and is available for $150.00 (all four plug-ins are included).

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