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Slam Tracks /Metal MIDI Drum Loops Groove Pack 1 /delivers over 750 slamming metal MIDI drum loops for classic and modern metal styles.

Metal MIDI Drum Loops Groove Pack 1 /showcases the ferocity, attitude, and speed your music needs to create aggressive metal tracks. Double kicks on speed, double-times, half-times, syncopated or straight, the beast has been unleashed, and is ready to inspire your next metal track.

Styles range from classic trash to contemporary metal, influenced by a top-shelf list of metal drummers like Lombardo, Hoglan, and Travis. So, get ready for true metal. Hundreds of grooves that cover the metal genre with natural feel and aggression — ready to drag and drop into the drum VI of your choice.

Push your next metal project to the max with the new /Metal MIDI Drum Loops Groove Pack 1 from Slam Tracks.

Slam Tracks /Metal MIDI Drum Loops and Fills 1/ Pack Features:

* 750+ MIDI drum loops for modern and classic metal styles
* Fast, loud and aggressive two, four and eight measure MIDI loops
* Tempos from 60 to 200 BPM
* 1, 2, 4 and 8 measure grooves
* Straight and triplet-based groove patterns
* Outstanding feel and realism
* All loops recorded and played live - not quantized
* Standard MIDI format - General MIDI for use in: Addictive Drums,  BFD, BFD2, Battery, EZdrummer, Superior and Superior 2, and more
* Optimized for 1 Kick, 1 Snare, 2 Rack Toms, 2 Floor Toms, 1 Hihat,  3 Crash Cymbals, 2 Chinas and 1 Ride Cymbal


Price: $19.95

The library is available now via instant download from Slam Tracks at http://www.slamtracks.com.

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