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The uncompromising, earthy rock sound of the legendary humbucking pickups became the holy grail of generations of electric guitar players, but they faced a problem: What did they do when the next song on the set list is a soulful ballad, which needs a brilliant acoustic sound? Up until now, the only thing to do is change instruments. No matter how good your 'Clean' tone is, it can never match up to a true acoustic guitar. This problem is now a thing of the past thanks to Shadow's active NanoMAG pickup technology. NanoMAG – which can be fitted in the fingerboard of your instrument – compliments the traditional Humbucker sound by adding a clear, proper acoustic tone to your electric guitar. With an ultra-wide frequency response, the NanoMAG captures all the harmonics and subtle acoustic overtones that regular magnetic pickups cannot. Using the front controls, you can isolate the humbuckers, isolate the NanoMAG or mix tones freely. Using the dual outputs, you can run the Humbuckers and NanoMAG pickups to separate outputs for true STEREO sound. But that's not all: The NanoMAG can also be seamlessly blended with your humbucker sound. You now have more tonal possibilities than you ever imagined on your electric guitar! With this revolutionary system you can play a crystal clear ballad, a dirty blues riff and an ultra-heavy metal riff with the same guitar — nothing is impossible. Now, you have your favourite guitar with two distinct tonal characters and infinite combinations. Go ahead and check it out yourself! Who better to judge the quality of such a pickup system than the inventor of the classic humbucker sound itself: legendary guitar manufacturer Gibson/ Epiphone. Gibson was impressed from the very beginning - including the NanoMAG in one of their hugely successful Les Paul Ultra-II models. What a recommendation! When Gibson/Epiphone presented their Les Paul Ultra II at the US music fair NAMM show 2008 the press and musicians all over the world celebrated the NanoMAG as "a marvel that breathes new life into one of the oldest and most cherished electric guitar designs. It integrates so well that I'd like to see it as a standard option on all Les Pauls." (Guitar World Magazine, USA). As a logical consequence, the Les Paul Ultra II equipped with the NanoMAG received the treasured 'Guitar World Platinum Award'. So, if you're thinking about ordering a custom made guitar, think about the integration of the Shadow NanoMAG. To add the tonal beauty of an acoustic guitar to your electric, there is no alternative. Some might say, piezo bridges also supply an acoustic tone. Those piezo ceramics subject to abrasion and from time to time you have to replace them which is a complex operation. Additionally — and this is the biggest difference with the NanoMAG — piezo bridges create a very 'trebly' sound that can often hurt your ears. NanoMAG however has an ultra wide frequency range and supplies a natural acoustic overtones. Thanks to Shadow's patented NanoMAG technology the pickup is totally shielded, hum-free and genuinely sounds like an acoustic guitar.
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