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SCOPE /SP Project Window
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CreamWare's new high-end studio product, which is based on SCOPE DSP technology, is now also shipping in the US.

SCOPE /SP comprises a PCI card with 15 SHARC DSPs and a comprehensive software package for synthesis, sampling, effects processing, mixing and more. Thanks to its complete set of drivers, the system works flawlessly in conjunction with virtually any sequencer/recording program. As an alternative, SCOPE /SP can also be used as a stand-alone system within its own dedicated computer – and thus be perfectly integrated into any conceivable studio configuration via conventional MIDI and audio connections. In its standard configuration, SCOPE /SP comes equipped with two digital ADAT interfaces, stereo analog and S/PDIF as well as MIDI, Wordclock and ADAT 9-pin I/O interfaces. There are many options available for increasing the number of DSPs, I/Os and software applications in the system.

"Of course, the experience we've accumulated in the last couple of years with our highly successful Pulsar system - mainly in the area of project studios – has had an impact upon the development of SCOPE /SP. With SCOPE /SP, however, our primary focus was the specific requirements of pro-audio studios", says Michael Ruf, leading developer at CreamWare. "Not only the immense DSP power, but also the new software applications - such as the STS-5000, SP-Mix and VDAT - expressly address the needs of the professional user."

Some of the software highlights in overview:

The first virtual digital mixer which can compete functionally as well as sonically with the big professional consoles. 48 channels, 8 busses, 8 aux paths. Freely configurable 4-band EQ, compressor with sidechain and 4 effects-inserts per channel. Several mixers can be used simultaneously in situations where one mixer is not enough.

Software sampler with realtime time stretching and pitch shifting with formant correction. 25 types of filters. Also handles 32-bit / 96 kHz samples. Up to 64 stereo voices. Compatible with the major sample libraries.

VDAT and VRC-128
A virtual multi-track recorder and a virtual control unit which connects to existing Alesis ADATs (and to the Alesis BRC if available) via the 9-pin interface. Supplement or replace the ADAT setup. Up to 128 tracks at 16-bit resolution or 96 tracks at 24/32-bit resolution. Virtual and "real" units can be combined in any desired way.

Furthermore, the SCOPE /SP software package includes more than a dozen different synthesizers (virtual analog, FM, drum synths), a complete modular synthesizer system with over 140 modules, more than 40 high-quality DSP effects, various additional mixers, a 128-channel meter bridge and many other devices. All of these instruments can be combined and interconnected in a "virtual studio space". Thanks to its powerful DSP engine, SCOPE /SP allows the simultaneous usage of a multitude of software plug-ins - without encountering problems such as latencies and "CPU-drag" which are typical with host CPU-based software.

"SCOPE /SP is the first fully-integrated, professional-grade 'virtual studio'", says Michael Ruf. "However, our goal is not to replace the conventional studio environment. SCOPE /SP is conceived rather as a creative and highly useful expansion of the existing setup. And thanks to its unlimited potential for latency-free routing between virtual devices and external studio gear via the hardware I/Os, integration is mere child's play for SCOPE /SP."

Asked what he finds most impressive about SCOPE /SP, synthesizer legend Jean-Michel Jarre answers: "The sound! The system offers nearly boundless possibilities in sound design and quickens your creativity. Exploring the beta version of SCOPE /SP was really amazing. Working with the system is fast and intuitive. SCOPE /SP is a fantastic addition to any studio."SCOPE /SP is available for 4595.- US$ via selected retailers.

The SCOPE /SP software is also available as an upgrade for Pulsar systems (1498.- US$).

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