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The SCOPE system is the fusion of the audio world's fastest DSP board (powered by 15 Analog Devices SHARC DSPs) in conjunction with a totally flexible and open software architecture providing a revolutionary virtual studio environment. What's more, SCOPE fully integrates any existing studio setup - thanks to its extensive and inexpensive I/O options.

SCOPE's environment allows routing audio from any one point to any other point simply using virtual cables. A huge library of pro-quality devices for mixing, audio processing, effects, sound generation and sampling facilitate the creation of any desired studio setup. SCOPE is also ideal for the automation and administration of all routing and mixing of signals in the studio.

Unlike other studio gear, SCOPE is not predefined to perform any one single task. On the contrary, it's highly versatile and configurable structure increase productivity, functionality and audio quality in any pro studio environment. SCOPE can be used in conjunction with multitrack tape machines as well as exponentially extending the functionality of any existing hard disk recording system.

SCOPE also targets creative audio developers by providing a complete and intuitive development environment enabling them to construct their own "device modules" from a huge library of generic building blocks. (for example, all of the synthesizers, mixers, effects etc. in CreamWare's Pulsar were built in the SCOPE environment.) Besides the construction of audio circuits, a robust, yet easy to use graphics package, allows the user to design his own creative, functional and ergonomic surfaces within minutes. Never before has such a powerful audio creation environment been available to the public.

Inferno Circuit Diagram
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Frank Hund, president of CreamWare, points out: "We put the power of creativity into the hands of the SCOPE users, because we learned that there is a huge potential for creative inventions in this world, that a single company alone, could never deliver. Very soon we'll see hundreds and hundreds of creative people developing modules and applications for SCOPE - to the benefit of all Pulsar and SCOPE users. With SCOPE we opened up a new universe of audio engineering possibilities and we are thrilled to see how many people approach us with fantastic ideas. Our mission is to give them the tools they need to make it happen."

As for commercial third parties, SCOPE is open at the DSP level, allowing these companies to offer their famous algorithms to all Pulsar and SCOPE users. The number of third party companies is growing weekly, bringing the best algorithms in the world to Pulsar and SCOPE.

Like Pulsar, the SCOPE system is completely scalable. The basic configuration - 24 digital channels (3 x ADAT I/O) and 15 SHARC DSPs - can easily be expanded to larger configurations by adding I/O modules and processor boards using SCOPE's ultra fast S/TDM bus. When needed, the system can be configured for hundreds of I/O channels and in excess of one hundred DSPs.

The initial software suite for SCOPE includes a variety of synthesizers, effects, mixers and a professional, industry-standard compatible sampler. While SCOPE can be viewed as an upgrade to any existing studio, it is also capable of handling all sampling, synthesis, signal processing and mixing work required in a professional production - all on its own. SCOPE's integration of external and remotely-controlled hardware makes any parameter adjustment independent of the mouse cursor.

SCOPE will be available in May 1999 at selected pro audio dealers for US $ 7995.

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