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Drummer and composer Jack DeJohnette has teamed up with the cymbalmakers at SABIAN to produce a new and different percussion instrument, one that can be played randomly or in piano-like fashion; Resonating Bells. Available as a complete C-to-C octave (13 bells), Resonating Bells can also be purchased in select groups of notes or as individual pieces. The individual bells can be mounted on a cymbal stand while groupings can be fitted atop cymbal stands using optionally available 3- and 5-bell mounting bars.

Hand crafted into a dome-like design using solid B8 bronze, the octave of bells is strobe-tuned to A=442. The frequency spectrum produced by these bells when struck with a medium-hard marimba mallet has a strong, resonating fundamental pitch with a limited amount of overtones. When played with a drumstick the response is more focused and penetrating. The bells may be added to drum and percussion setups for colorful sound effects or playing melodies. DeJohnette mixes the definite pitch of the Resonating Bells with the indefinite pitch of his drum and cymbal setup by positioning a full octave of bells atop his cymbals using 3- and 5-note mounting bars.

Said Jack from his home in upstate New York: "For years I have used small, bell-like cymbals with my drumset, but the Resonating Bells move this concept into a whole new arena of sound and creative possibilities. Their sound is very natural and organic... like something one might hear in the mountains of Nepal. It's a sound that is very different yet very versatile. I use them in a wide range of music and they always offer me something new. Sounds like these are interesting and inspiring, but most importantly, they're meaningful."

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