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With over fifty years of manufacturing and designing the best strings in the business Rotosound have a long history of developing groundbreaking new ideas. These include launching the first roundwound guitar string (1963), the first black nylon coated bass string (1967) and the first pressure wound bass guitar string (1977).

In 1974 Rotosound's founder, James How, pioneered the 'contact core' designed acoustic string originally known as 'Country Gold's'. The initial design was based on the strings centre core resting on the bridge of the guitar. This helps to:

- Create longer sustain
- Produce a brighter sound
- Increase volume
- Reduce slightly the action on any instrument

The strings have a rich textured tone that stems from the use of Phosphor Bronze; an alloy of copper, tin and phosphor made to Rotosounds exact specifications.

2010 sees the Super Bronze strings brought back into the range using the very latest state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, improved quality control and the finest quality raw materials. They are used by many top artists including Fun Lovin' Criminals, Walter Trout, Bob Geldof and many others.

Super Bronze strings are available in the following gauges*:

SB10 10 / 14 / 20w / 28w / 40w / 50w SB11 11 / 15 / 22w / 30w / 42w / 52w SB12 12 / 16 / 24w / 32w / 44w / 54w

* Please note: w denotes wound string

super\_bronze 1.jpg

The strings are available worldwide and for further information on the range see\_bronze.html

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