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Nanoclocks Front Panel
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Nanoclocks Rear Panel
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Rosendahl Studiotechnik has introducedhe Nanoclocks Digital Audio Clock Server and the new Nanosyncs Version 3 Reference Generator.

The Nanoclocks takes the design and application of clock distribution well beyond ordinary distributors. Nanoclocks is a word clock distributor with an integrated audio master clock generator. The unit has 2 word clock inputs (A and B) and 12 outputs that are controlled by a programmable output matrix. Brightly lit LEDs show incoming sample rates for each input and routing status for the outputs.

Behind the Nanoclocks' user interface is a design implementation that takes great care to optimize jitter performance. Crystal accuracy is +/- 5 ppm and clock jitter is < 10 picoseconds RMS (20 Hz -- 20kHz). Word clock inputs are transformer-isolated to significantly reduce cable interference, allowing longer cable runs from the main clock source. Finally, with 12 outputs a complex digital audio studio can be synchronized from a central source instead of relying upon the less effective serial or looped-through method.

With the recent introduction of a new class of high sample rate DAWs, Rosendahl has created an updated Nanosyncs that meets the technical demands of these new digital audio recording systems by making four major adaptations to the original Nanosyncs' design. The new Nanosyncs V3 has an expanded feature set that includes four setups permitting the assignment of a specific sample-frequency multiplier to the word clock outputs. A 4x multiplier gives the Nanosyncs 176.4 and 192 kHz sample clock output, and AES/EBU and SPDIF outputs now support 88.2 and 96 kHz. For systems requiring more Super Clock connections, one setup configures the Nanosyncs for six Super Clock outputs. Most significantly, the new design delivers improved jitter performance for unprecedented accuracy when used as the master clock source for the newest generation of DAWs. Clock jitter is < 12 picoseconds RMS within the audio spectrum (20 Hz -- 20 kHz) and random jitter amplitude is reduced to < 200 picoseconds in all operation modes -- an industry milestone.

Used together, the Nanoclocks and the Nanosyncs Version 3 form an impressive sync reference distribution network providing video black burst, AES/EBU null and word clock to any elaborate mix of workstations, suites and machine rooms in the largest digital audio and post-production facilities.

"Over the last year, the Rosendahl Nanosyncs has made an undeniable impact on the DAW and post-production market by providing exceptional accuracy and flexibility in a sync reference generator," says Don Hannah, Sales Engineer for HHB USA. "The Nanosyncs has quickly become a trusted and consistent performer in production facilities that are seeking versatile functionality and ultra-low jitter performance. Rosendahl once again sets the benchmark with the introduction of the Nanoclocks and the new Nanosyncs. These two units are sure to become fixtures in A/V post and digital audio recording environments that demand absolute reliability and the ultimate in performance."

The Nanoclocks and the Nanosyncs, as well as the WIF2, MIF3, BIF and LIF range of time code converters are distributed by HHB in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, and the United Kingdom. The Rosendahl product range is available at selected HHB dealers. Nanoclocks will retail for $1,299 and begin shipping in April 2002. The new Nanosyncs retails for $1,599 and is immediately available.

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