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The CDX-1 is a totally new type of workstation: part digital multitrack recorder, part phrase sampler, part CD burner. As such, it lets a new generation of CD-savvy musicians, songwriters and DJs sample or load in and combine their favorite grooves, create original music using the multitrack section, add effects, and burn it all to recordable CDs. There's never been a quicker or more convenient way to get your music to CD.

The major features of the CDX-1 are:

  • Tabletop workstation which combines phrase sampling, multi-track recording, mixing and mastering directly to recordable CDs-a world's first!
  • Digital multitrack recorder section can record 2 tracks simultaneously, 8 tracks total
  • Load or sample audio phrases on built-in Sample Pads
  • Onboard phrase sample tools provide easy waveform editing, high-quality time-stretching, BPM syncing, and more
  • Sequence track and Rhythm Guide allows quick sample sequencing and song construction
  • Stereo effects processors include COSM guitar multi-effects, groove effects, studio effects, Mastering Tool Kit and more
  • CD Creation mode for writing directly to CD-R from stereo inputs-perfect for re-mastering vinyl records to CD

A CD-Recording Workstation for a New Generation

The breakthrough CDX-1 DiscLab is a phrase sampler/ digital multitrack recorder with built-in effects and CD-RW drive, which means it can handle the entire process of modern music production-from sampling and 8-track recording to effects processing, mixing and mastering your final CD. As the world's first workstation that can perform multitrack recording directly to rewritable CD's, the DiscLab is ideal for musicians, DJs, songwriters and more.

Cool Sampling Features

The DiscLab can store and recall up to 512 samples via eight onboard sample pads (using 64 banks). These samples can be recorded from live inputs or pulled from tracks recorded to the multitrack recorder section-or even directly loaded via the internal CD-RW drive using audio CDs/CD-ROMs containing .WAV files. Sampled phrases can then be truncated, looped, normalized-even time compressed-using editing functions equal to that of Roland's popular SP-80SEX e-Mix Studio. Put all these sampled phrases together using the Sequence track. Best of all, the onboard sampling memory can be expanded using optional DIMM memory, allowing you to store up to approximately 40 minutes of samples alone!

Powerful Multitrack Recording and Effects

The CDX-1's 8-track recorder section is perfect for recording live input sources such as a microphone, synthesizer or guitar. Up to eight tracks can be recorded (two simultaneously) using 24-bit converters for pristine sound quality-all directly to the internal CD-RW drive. All audio tracks and samples can be processed through the CDX-1's stereo effects processors, which include useful algorithms such as COSM Guitar Mufti for recording guitars direct, Center Cancel effect for removing vocals, and Groove effects for dance music creation.

CD Recording--the Final Step

Once audio tracks and samples have been recorded, you can simply mix down to the built-in stereo Master track. Then, by ejecting the original CD-RW disk and replacing it with a blank CD-R disc, you can burn a playable CD while taking advantage of a special Mastering Tool Kit-complete with split-frequency compression and 4-band EQ--giving you professional-sounding masters. The DiscLab can even burn CDs directly from the stereo inputs, making it a great tool for re-mastering vinyl records and your favorite cassette tapes to CD!

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