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Hard disk recording has never been easier. Just plug the Audio Canvas UA-100 into a computer running Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 98 and experience the fun and power of high-quality digital sound. You'll get that "live" feel you need to make productions come to life. The applications are endless. The unit connects easily with a single cable to the USB (Universal Serial Bus) port for true plug-and-play compatibility. Operation is easy with everything you need to record on the front panel: dedicated inputs for mic and guitar, and an intuitive set of controls.


  • High-quality sound: dynamic range and S/N ratio superior to most sound cards
  • True plug-and-play capability enabled with a single USB cable
  • Dedicated guitar and vocal inputs
  • Built-in multi-effects processor with several guitar and vocal effects, as well as a variety of preset effect combinations
  • Over 70 additional effects that cover a wide range and use the DSP to its fullest
  • MIDI connectors (2-In/2-Out) that can be used simultaneously with audio and recorded sound files
  • Optical digital out connector
  • Flexible, feature-rich control software with an advanced user interface

High-Quality Low-Noise Recording, Playback, and Mixing

The UA-100's most notable feature is its outstanding 20-bit AD/DA, high-resolution quality for digital audio recording and playback. High quality is further ensured by a shielded box design that completely shuts out electromagnetic noise from the PC and by the use of an AC adapter that ensures a superior S/N ratio and wide dynamic range. And because it's all digital there is no loss of quality when using the powerful audio mixing feature. You can mix performances and recorded audio with vocal, guitar, and just about any instrument or sound you can think of with no loss of quality. And use of the bundled UA-100 control software empowers you to add high-quality input and output effects as well as perform mixing from your computer screen.

MIDI Interface for Limitless Music Making Power

Enjoy the power of DTMP with the UA-100's built-in 2-In/2-Out MIDI ports. Data is transferred serially at high speed for spot-on, accurate timing. Create a serious DTMP system by connecting sound modules. Since MIDI and digital audio are handled simultaneously you can play back live recordings through the UA-100 from the audio track of the sequencer software while the same sequencer sends MIDI messages that control playback on the modules. The effects can be used to shape the sound in real-time. Use with the Sound Canvas SC-88Pro further boosts your capabilities by allowing you to apply two types of insertion effects.

Excellent Choice of DSP Effects for Vocal and Guitar

A wide selection of high-performance DSP effects are included in the UA-100 for use during recording or playback. The list begins with reverb and chorus and goes on to include multi-effects that can be applied to both vocal and guitar, and insertion effects compatible with Sound Canvas SC-88Pro. For guitarists there is the built-in BOSS multi-effects unit with the famous BOSS-brand sounds that guitarists love. Just plug your guitar into the front panel and enjoy a wide variety of individual effects as well as several preset effect combinations! Vocalists will appreciate the two built-in voice transformers, a mic simulator, and vocal multi-effects. Use this feature for PC noise canceling and to boost mic quality for professional-grade recordings. It can even be used for "robot" voice performances and to add 2-voice harmony to your vocal performances. The powerful effects on the UA-100 give you complete freedom and control to change your own voice, apply effects to your guitar playing while recording, and apply global effects while playing back your composition.

MSRP for the UA-100 is currently set at $495.

The UA-100 is distributed by Edirol Corporation North America (www.edirol.com).

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