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BandMaster is a first for handheld devices and a very unique application for the iPhone and iPod touch. In essence it provides a fully configurable virtual band consisting of bass, drums and piano. This makes it an extremely valuable tool for music students, professionals and hobbyists alike, in short anybody that needs a rhythm section, harmonic backing or just wants to practice playing over changes. It instills a great sense of form and can serve as a sounding board for composers and songwriters alike. Best of all — using BandMaster couldn't be any easier. The Song List
BandMaster uses a song list as its central view. This is where songs are added or deleted. The composition and playback views are launched from the song list as well. Tapping a title in the song list launches the playback view or the composition view when in edit mode. Song Creation
New songs are typically created in two steps. To reduce the amount of data that needs to be entered BandMaster comes with many templates that include several Blues forms, standard Jazz forms, exercises and more. After having selected a template like "Simple Blues" for example, one can then modify this song form further in BandMaster's composition view. The composition view has tools to add and remove measures, transpose the entire form and change the meter. Chords can be edited on a beat or measure basis with the chord picker — no typing required. A Blues template could now become "Blues in Ab" after applying the transposition tool and renaming the template. It will then appear as such in the song list. But additional changes can be made at any time. The Playback View
The playback view displays a song's chords in a grid. During playback this grid will automatically scroll to the current location and highlight that measure. It has controls that allow changing the speed as well as the number of chorusses to be played. Additionally there are settings for each instrument's style. Tapping the Play button starts a count-in after which "the band" will play. The Sound
BandMaster uses a huge number of individual high-quality samples to construct a song's playback and applies separate algorithms for each instrument based on harmony, speed and style choices. It automatically highlights B parts or bridges during 1st and last chorusses and allows for any combination of its three instruments in case no piano is needed for example. Under the hood several millisecond timers run in parallel to provide steady and exact timing that rivals that of any metronome. What really counts in the end however is the sound and that is where BandMaster truly shines. Whether you are listening with earphones or have your iPhone/iPod touch connected to a speaker system, you can expect clean and crisp, stereo imaged playback that sounds very realistic and convincing. "I didn't know my iPhone could do that," is the remark we keep hearing again and again. Concluding
We believe that BandMaster is going to be a very valuable tool for many musicians in all matters that concern improvisation, composition and practice. There is nothing that beats the experience of practicing with a rhythm section or band, but BandMaster comes very close. Furthermore, it provides the means to much better prepare for a live situation than is possible with just a metronome. Having this kind of application on a portable device presents new and exciting possibilities for any musician. Features List:
Bass, drums, and piano instruments High-quality samples Intuitive interface Super fast song creation Over 20 song templates Supports all common chords Different style selections Up to 96 measures per form Transposition tool Adjustable time signature Adjustable speed and number of choruses Localized into English, French, Italian, Japanese, German, and Spanish MSRP:
BandMaster retails for $19.95
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