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Riff Interactive, a developer of interactive guitar lesson, live internet music lessons, and online celebrity seminars, has released 4 new Interactive Guitar Lesson titles from guitar educator Lyle Ronglien.

The Guitar Essential series is specifically designed to teach you many of the different guitar techniques and music styles which will help you become a great all-around guitarist. These lessons are made for the beginner to intermediate level student.

The four titles in the series contain the following topics:

  • Guitar Essentials I: Warm-ups, Rhythm, Open Position Chords & Scales, Harmonics, Finger Picking
  • Guitar Essentials II: String Bending, Vibrato, Effects, Scales, Rhythm Riffs
  • Guitar Essentials III: Walking Bass Lines, Playing Country, Playing the Blues, Playing Rock, Playing Latin Jazz
  • Guitar Essentials IV: Playing Classical, Playing Jazz, Playing Metal

Lyle Ronglien teaches guitar lessons over the internet, plays lead guitar in Seattle's local bands, and produces music for national TV and radio commercials, as well as music for national recording artists (En Vogue, Jimmie Van Zant and others).


  • Interactive tab/notation that synchronizes to the actual guitar audio
  • Virtual guitar neck showing the notes being played and the fingering
  • Select, loop, slow media and notation down to your desired speed while maintaining original pitch
  • Videos and looping jam tracks to practice with
  • Transcription of lessons where actual students interact with teacher

The Riff Interactive lesson catalog contains previews of each product. All new lesson titles retail for $10.95.

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