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Reprotone Inc. announces production of their 100% recycled guitar picks available now in a variety of thicknesses and materials. Reprotone picks are manufactured in the United States of America with reprocessed raw materials. While this is a nice catchphrase and sentiment, it is also a fact that we at Reprotone Inc. take seriously and stand behind. When we say "made in USA," we mean that the part and tooling design, the manufacture of the injection molds, the raw material reclamation and reprocessing, and the final molding of the picks were all done in the United States. We'd also like to point out that our picks are produced with 100% recycled materials. Aside from limiting the range of colors we can produce in our Nylon picks, there is no reason not to use recycled materials in our processes. We currently offer three styles of guitar pick in several thickness', indicated in millimeters below our logo on the "A" side of the pick. At this time we offer .50mm, .75mm, and 1.00mm thick picks. The embossed logo on the "B" side of the pick indicates the type of material used in molding the pick. Our "100% Shag - PA66" picks are made from 100% recycled nylon 6/6 carpet fibers. Our "Re-PETE" picks are made from 100% recycled P.E.T.E. Our "Copperhead" picks with the coiled snake engraved on the "B" side are produced from a copper filled nylon, these picks are the only copper filled nylon picks that we know of in the world. The copper gives the pick twice as much mass as an unfilled nylon pick, and produces what we feel is a unique tone. All three styles of pick are available with custom engraving on the "B" side for a relatively small set up fee and minimum run quantity. This engraving is limited to .750" in diameter and will be embossed or "proud" on the pick itself. .50mm, .75mm, 1.00mm guitar picks made in the USA from 100% recycled nylon, PET, or copper filled nylon. Available now.
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