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Initially developed for French band Nosfell, Repetito Pro Version enables you to record and add loops on 8 internal channels ¿¿¿ which results in unequaled external mixing potential. Two configurations are possible: The first configuration has 4 monaural inputs and 8 monaural outputs, the 8 loop channels being directly routed towards the outputs. The 8 loops channels can therefore be mixed by a sound engineer. The second configuration has 2 inputs, which are either monaural or stereo, and 2 stereo outputs. The 8 loop channels are either monaural or stereo to reproduce the inputs. This configuration has internal mixing (volume and pan) to mix the loop channels to the 2 stereo output channels. With this configuration, a hardware effect can be plugged on one of the stereo outputs and it is possible to choose while on stage which loop channels go through the effect. Available Features:
  • one PunchIn and one PunchOut per input channel;
  • MultiplyDuration and AddDuration to increase the duration of the loops;
  • Mute and Unmute per loop channel;
  • Volume and Pan per loop channel (when in internal mix/stereo outputs configuration);
  • Revert to playback and record loops backwards;
  • Undo and Redo — which goes back to the first loop;
  • Saving of the recorded loops as separate wave files;
  • Resynchronization (reset of the playback position of the loops — while they are being played);
  • Audio click tempo;
Repetito Pro Version uses the same loop engine as the freeware Repetito Free Version which is well appreciated by its users. The software uses Asio drivers and runs on Windows XP and Vista 32 bits. It requires a Midi foot controller, as well as an additional MIDI controller with knobs when using the internal mix configuration. Price: €150
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