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For many musicians, the tools they use for musical composition are not the same as your standard rock band.

Music created with drum samples, loops and synthesizers have a different set of rules then music created with live drums and guitars. Because of this the mixing and production techniques are not the same as mixing most rock and roll or pop bands.

The Mixing Master-class for Synths and Samples is all about mixing music using samplers, synths, and loops. The three video collection goes into great details about production and mixing techniques designed to help the viewer understand how to achieve professional results in their digital studios.

These videos not only show how to mix a 22 track tune from start to finish, it also goes into great detail about some very cool effect processing techniques heard on a number of modern releases.

The production elements are of key focus in these videos, teaching the viewer how to accomplish some very unique and interesting production tricks.

Many great CDs have been made using synths and samplers, these videos will give you some powerful tools to help you express yourself creatively.

Some of the items the videos focus on:

  • Mixing Techniques
  • Modern Production Techniques
  • Automation and Effects
  • Unique Effect Tricks
  • Dynamics and Samples
  • Acoustics and Samples
  • Synth Dynamics
  • Clarity and Punch in the Mix
  • Much More

Buy the Mixing Masterclass for Synths and Samples this week and receive a special discount. To receive the discount, use the discount code "masterclass" at time of purchase. Video is available for immediate download.

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