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Followingup on the their MiniTrap acoustic panels, RealTraps has introduced a new product that offers similar performance at a lower price. MicroTraps are two by four feet and only one inch thick, so they are lighter than MiniTraps and take up less space.

MicroTraps are built with a dual-layer membrane to enhance their low frequency absorption, but they really shine at low-mid through high frequencies, according to the company. This makes them the perfect choice for reducing overall ambience, or to create a Reflection Free Zone in a control room or home theater. And their $99.99 price makes them especially appealing to people considering inexpensive but less effective foam treatment. Like the original MiniTraps, MicroTraps are made with rigid fiberglass and metal, so they have a Class A fire rating and can be installed with confidence in public venues.

According to RealTraps co-owner Ethan Winer, "The main problems in most studios and listening rooms are acoustic interference that skews the low frequency response, and excessive ambience that obscures musical detail and causes listener fatigue. Many engineers and audiophiles cover their walls with foam, which just makes the room too dead at high frequencies while doing nothing for the low end. MicroTraps are much more absorbent than foam panels at all frequencies, so they do a superior job overall and with fewer pieces. Their low cost and light weight also makes them ideal for larger installations like churches and auditoriums. Best of all, they install easily with one nail or hook--just like a picture--without glue or wall damage."

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