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Roland is proud to announce the DisCover 5 RealTime Orchestrator. This 61-note arranger-style keyboard is the first to let musicians manipulate Standard MIDI Files (SMFs) on the fly. Vocals can be added and processed through the Vocal Harmonizer, capable of simultaneously creating one of four distinct effects and harmonies. A SmartMedia card and Next Song Reserve function make loading SMFs instant, while lyrics and chords can be viewed on the LCD or Video output for church and karaoke. DisCover 5 has everything today's musicians need to perform live using Standard MIDI Files.

The secret to DisCover 5's SMF manipulation capabilities is what Roland calls "Song Makeup Tools." These tools allow users to change a track's sound, velocity, reverb and chorus--plus other controllers contained in the SMF--via front-panel buttons. Alternatively, users can edit this data at once on the icon-based touchscreen simply by choosing among 72 preset "Covers" (30 "Covers" for all instruments, 18 for drums, and 24 for bass). With these tools, Standard MIDI Files are no longer static and can be changed into entirely new genres of music.

Singers can also take advantage of DisCover 5's professional-quality Vocal Harmonizer with four easy modes: Talk, Voice-FX, Auto Tune, and Singer. Revolutionary technology makes it possible to add realtime vocal harmonies (in addition to effects) using any SMF, and the sound can be run through its own audio output. Standard MIDI Files can even be changed automatically to a key that suits the singer's range, thanks to a world's first Singer Key Adapter function. And following an arrangement is easy using DisCover 5's lyric and chord display on the LCD or Video output.

DisCover 5 also takes the hassle out of using Standard MIDI Files in a performances. The Song Finder, for example, lets users classify songs by genre, author and title for easy retrieval. And thanks to the included 64MB SmartMedia card, songs files are loaded instantly--even automatically when using the Next Song Reserve function. And using the D-Beam Controller, users can modify a variety of controllers using an infrared beam of light.

Connections to DisCover 5 include MIDI In, Out and Thru; stereo 1/4-inch outputs; a stereo Harmonizer output; Microphone input; Foot and Hold Pedal inputs; a Footswitch input; and Video output.

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