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Rayzoon is pleased to announce the release of AI-Pak, an eclectic collection of styles and drummers for Jamstix.

It greatly expands the expressive capabilities of the virtual drummer and is highly recommend to all Jamstix users, regardless of the major genres they may be working in. The flexibility of the Jamstix engine allows you to change, shape and merge any of these styles and drummers to achieve inventive grooves for any project.


  • DARREN - delivers complex snare and hihat patterns and fast fills
  • DAVE - sophisticated fusion drummer with delicious fills and great flexibility
  • KEITH - crazy wild rock drummer that can be tamed
  • LATINO - can turn any style into something latin
  • MEL - straight-forward rock drummer with heavy tom fills
  • PETER - exquisite jazz stick drummer. Triplets, paradiddles and more
  • SIMON - expressive, inventive and playful with hard-hitting fills
  • WILL - modern rock/pop drummer with unique kick and snare groove shaping


  • AFRO-CUBAN: Cha-Cha-Cha, Custom Latin, Rumba, Salsa, Songo
  • BLUES: Bo Diddley, Freeway Shuffle, SiPhi Shuffle
  • BRAZILIAN: Baion
  • CARIBBEAN: Reggae
  • HT FUNK: 6/8 Funk, Dave Funk, No Down
  • JAZZ & SWING: Big Band, Custom Jazz
  • MARCH: New Orleans
  • METAL: U-Pick Metal 2-Bar
  • WORLD RHYTHMS: Beguine, Bolero, Merengue, Middle Eastern, Tango
  • PUNK: Jungle Punk, Punk
  • ROCK: Clock Day, Ecclectic, Odd Shuffle, Rosa Shuffle, Shuffle Tom HT, Songo Rock HT

AI-Pak is available now for $29 in the Rayzoon online store. As a special introductory offer, the styles and drummers of MetalPak will be included for free (ends 02/28/2011).

More information on this update can be found here: http://www.rayzoon.com/aipak.html

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