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Radial/Primacoustic will be located at booth 6893 in Hall A.

New stuff to see:

Radial Phazer — With a few new features! This analogue phase correction tool is a wonderful mate to the already popular Radial JDX guitar amp direct box. Combined, you get fat guitar tones quick!

Radial Ampatch — Lets you connect and patch amp heads to cabinets to create amazingly rich textures and tones!

Radial JX44 — Took two years and over $100,000 to create the JX44. ($12,000 just in software to make it programmable!) The Radial JX44 Air Control stage guitar signal manager will be ready for the 2008 touring season. The first one is going directly to Carlos Santana!

Radial PZ-Di — Now, all of those guitarists that use electrics with built-in acoustic piezo transducers have a means to control their sound on stage. The PZ-Di has been road tested by none other than guitar virtuoso Dave Martone.

Tonebone PZ-Pre — Another widget that took forever to get right, the PZ-Pre is now shipping in limited quantities. The PZ-Pre is perfect for those that have instrument pickups and need to get the sound to the PA, the monitors, in ears, tuner and stage amp at the same time!

Primacoustic Stratus — An easy-to-assemble ceiling cloud that looks absolutely amazing and works even better! The perfect solution to solve nasty standing waves and primary reflections in the sweet spot.

Primacoustic Cumulus — The world's first easy-to-put-up corner-mount triangle trap! Yep! A single eye-screw and the Cumulus springs into position. This is the best little absorber for rooms that need treatment but have limited space.

Primacoustic MaxTrap — MaxTrap is a corner mounted bass trap works like a 3-way speaker in reverse! Finally an affordable solution to solve those nasty small-room bass problems between 75Hz and 200Hz. Ships flat and assembles like Ikea furniture!

Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizer — Find out why all of the top mix engineers are adding Recoils to their studios. Come see the Recoil Stabilizer and hear an AB comparison for yourself.

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