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The Tonebone PZ-DI is a unique guitar pedal designed specifically for the new breed of electric guitars that are equipped with both traditional magnetic pickups and piezo acoustic transducers. It features class-A buffered inputs and silent switching allowing the guitarist to instantly switch from one pickup to the other with a foot stomp. According to Radial President Peter Janis: "Over the past two years, we have been working with guitar phenom David Martone to develop the PZ-DI. David uses a Parker Fly and is constantly switching between his magnetic and piezo pickups as part of his amazing guitar acrobatics. Initially, the PZ-DI was passive, but after many tests, we found that we had no choice but to up the electronics to include active control over the signal path. For over a year, David has been successfully testing the PZ-DI in his concerts here and in Europe so we feel we are now ready to launch it." The PZ-DI is basically made up of two signal paths; Either a spilt cable or TRS comes form the guitar to feed the¼" inputs. The magnetic signal is first treated with Drag Control load correction that lets the artist set the load to best match his amp and guitar for the most natural tone. This then feeds separate¼" output designed to drive the on-stage guitar amp. The piezo signal is treated with a very high input impedance to eliminate the squawk that often plagues most piezo interfaces. A series of low cut and high cut filters further allow the piezo signal to be tailored before it is sent to its own¼" output plus the built-in Radial DI box with balanced XLR allows the 'acoustic sound' to be sent to the PA system. A separate tuner out is separately buffered and is fed from both pickups to provide up to the minute tuning adjustments. Construction is heavy duty with 14 gauge steel throughout. Power is delivered by an external 15VDC supply and available in all voltage standards for use around the world. Scheduled delivery: February 2010
Retail price: $300.00
Anticipated street price: $249.99
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