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The Radial PowerPre™ is a high performance microphone preamplifier that has been designed from the ground up to attain maximum performance when fit inside a standard API style lunchbox frame. It features a differential design with 100% discreet components throughout to assure maximum signal integrity while delivering up to 60dB of gain. Particular care and attention has been applied to part selection during the development to ensure low noise at all stages yet the simplicity of the design is reminiscent of the very finest vintage equipment. This delivers a design that avoids zero-cross distortion and other limitations imposed by off-the-shelf op-amps. It features a front-panel mounted XLR input for easy access with desk top workstations and a second XLR input via the lunchbox frame for traditional patch-bay setups. Phantom power is accessed via a protective set & forget recessed switch. This avoids erroneous activation which could harm older vintage ribbon mics. Other features include a ground lift for the XLR output and 180° polarity reverse. This is augmented with transformer isolation to eliminate hum & buzz caused by ground loops and a 10 segment LED for optimum signal monitoring. Company president Peter Janis further details the design concept: "We think a good preamplifier must deliver on several fronts. So when we started laying out the PowerPre's design philosophy, we wanted a mic pre that could provide a full spectrum with clinical accuracy at one end and personality or color at the other. And with our pedigree, we did not want to do this by simply tossing in a chip and then inserting some form of EQ. Instead, we used a vintage approach whereby we introduced a transformer into the circuit and then change the applied voltage and RC networks to introduce the extra character. The 3-way 'voice' control basically lets the audio engineer select 'punch' mode for a meatier bottom end to fatten up guitars or warm up a female voice; 'normal' mode for times when absolute pure signal gain is needed; and 'air' mode for times where more breath and sparkled is applied to enhance a male voice or accentuate an acoustic guitar in the mix." When used with the Radial Workhorse, several new features are made possible. Both ¼" line level inputs and outputs are provided for easy connectivity while the Omniport™ has been designated as a high-impedance instrument input for direct to workstation recording. This is configured with a switching jack that will automatically disconnect the XLR inputs when it is being used. The Radial PowerPre mic preamplifier combines full-size discreet components with a transformer coupled output for a vintage 'feel' while delivering pristine ultra-low noise for the most demanding engineer. Scheduled delivery: February 2010
Retail price: $500.00
Anticipated street price: $449.99
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