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Radial Engineering Ltd. is pleased to announce the new Forest Audio F15 Roundback, a powerful instrument preamplifier designed to gracefully handle any instrument signal while introducing a series of innovative new features to address the next generation of acoustic instruments.

According to Radial President Peter Janis: "Our new Forest Audio range targets the professional, whether they are in the studio or on a live concert stage... This means that we start each product with a no-compromise approach to audio quality and couple this with an extensive array of features. The first Forest product we will release is the F15 Roundback. Soon to follow will the Q6 Counter-coil EQ, F15 Tube instrument pre and the F1 ultra-high end mic preamp. These should bring plenty of excitement to the creative minds of the most demanding engineers."

The F15 Roundback is a combination 2-channel instrument preamp, direct box and re-amper. It features ultra-high performance class-A feed-forward topology for the ultimate in signal purity. Not only are there no op-amps in the primary signal path, there are no signal degrading negative feedback loops. This is further enhanced with Drag Control™ load correction that reintroduces the natural relationship between the instrument and the amplifier for a more natural tone. Inputs A or B can be selected from the front panel or remotely via a standard latching footswitch. Input connections are duplicated on the front and rear panels for greater hookup flexibility. For acoustic instruments, the F15 has a built-in piezo signal booster to increase gain plus switch-able 8V & 12V phantom powering for the new breed of miniature instrument-mounted microphones that are now being produced by companies such as DPA and Shure. Each channel is equipped with low-pass and high-pass filtering to eliminate noise and low-end rumble plus a level control. Signal monitoring is achieved via a 7 segment LED ladder plus a high visibility VU meter.

According to the designers, the distinctive 'roundback' design is not only for great looks, but also to provide access to various controls and functions. This becomes evident when one considers the rear panel connector options: There are two inputs for instruments. Input-1 can be switched from 1/4" mono to TRS for dual source instruments such as an acoustic guitar. Two 'standard' throughputs can be used in a standard passive mode or may be supplemented by activating a buffer which can then drive pedals or multiple amplifiers. For effects, each input also sports it's own TRS insert bus thus allowing a compressor, EQ or effect device to be introduced and applied as needed.

There are two XLR outputs and two 1/4" auxiliary outputs. Both XLR outs may be assigned 'pre' direct when used as a standard direct box or be bussed together with choice of -60dB mic level out for live touring or +4dB line level out for direct to power amp connection on stage or direct to recorder connection in the studio. The Auxiliary outputs are independently buffered and feature variable level control, ground lift and 180° polarity reverse. Full re-amping is available by turning on the Radial X-Amp. This allows pre-recorded tracks to be sent to guitar amplifiers, mic preamplifiers and or various effect devices. A separate tuner out with mute switch is also included.

Janis continues: "Yes, I admit the F15 does it look amazing, but it truly embraces form & function. Inside the Roundback we plan to position various set & forget functions, heat-syncs and tubes when appropriate. This not only provides excellent cooling, but allows the user to quickly check system status if need be. The formed roll-cage also creates an effective carry handle while the front panel canopy creates a protective barrier around switches, knobs and jacks. We think it is pretty darn sexy too!"

For more information, contact Radial Engineering:1588 Kebet Way, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5M5. Tel: 604-942-1001 Fax 604-942-1010

$999 US Retail

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