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Radial Engineering Ltd. is pleased to announce the Radial
H-Amp, a speaker to headphone converter that has been updated from the original spec
and is now available for delivery.

According to company President Peter Janis: 'The redesigned H-Amp is one of those
products that had unfortunately, been 'backburnered' pending completion of other
products. Several of our professional touring customers have been waiting on this
product release. They can see the merit of being able to take any speaker feed and
quickly convert it so that it can feed a headphone. Well the wait is over, we have
worked through the various designs and have come out with a new spec that we believe
will address the concerns that were voiced when we showed some of the early

The H-Amp is a novel device equipped with two Neutrik Speakon connectors. One merely
takes the ouput from a loudspeaker like a wedge monitor, connects it to the H-Amp
and it automatically converts the speaker signal to a safe level producing a mono
output for headphones. The production version of the H-Amp has been upgraded from
one output to two, enabling two musicians to share the same feed. Because the H-Amp
is also able to be driven directly from a power amplifier, multiple H-Amps can be
used in series by connecting through using more Speakon NC4 cables.

Each output is equipped with a separate level control plus a three-band filter set
can be inserted into one of the headphone outs to alter the signal should two
different types of headphones be connected at the same time. This allows sufficient
control to help accentuate certain frequencies for improved audio.

Like all Radial products, the H-Amp is designed to endure the abuse of professional
touring. 14 gauge steel construction throughout provides excellent shielding while
the I beam internal frame ensures the PC board is stress free. The innovative
book-end construction provides a protective barrier around the switches, controls
and connectors further lengthening life span. Plus a full bottom no-slip pad
provides both mechanical isolation and electrical insulation.

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