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Radial PhazerBank Phase Adjustment Tool
The Radial PhazerBank is a 4 channel version of the popular Phazer phase alignment tool. Designed primarily for live touring, the rack mount PhazerBank features four completely independent phase adjustment circuits that enable the engineer to quickly dial in the appropriate phase shift when combining two signals. A typical application would be electric guitar where one could combine a mic'd cabinet with a direct feed. The Phazer would be inserted into the direct feed channel strip and with a single dial, the engineer can quickly locate the 'sweet spot' and create fat rich tones. This significantly speeds up sound checks. Applied on bass guitar, the engineer can now time-align the PA with the on-stage bass amp. On kick, the overhead and kick mics can be brought together for a tighter more distinct 'thump' while on snare, the hi-hat mic and snare mic can be tweaked for precise snap. For added versatility, each Phazer is equipped with a low-pass filter to allow the user to 'focus the beam' on the desired frequency spectrum.

Est. retail—$1,000 USD
Target ship date: November 2008

Radial H-Amp Headphone Amplifier
The Radial H-Amp is not really an amplifier, but a unique headphone device that takes any amplified signal and coverts it so that it can be monitored through headphones. A typical live stage application would be to take a feed from a passive stage wedge monitor to feed headphones for the drummer. In the studio, one could take the output from a power amplifier and feed a host of headphones. Because the draw is so minimal, the H-Amp will not cause impedance issues on solid state amps making it a true 'plug and play' device. Features include Neutrik Speakon input connector, headphone impedance range select, lo-cut filter, tone control and headphone volume control. Choice of mono 1/4" TRS out for standard headphones and mini 3.5 mm jack for ear buds. As with all Radial products, the H-Amp is housed in a 14 gauge welded I-beam steel enclosure for maximum durability. The unique book-end design provides a protective zone around the switches and knobs while the full-bottom no-slip pad assures plenty of 'stay-put' while providing mechanical and electrical isolation.

Est. retail—$220 USD
Target ship date: November 2008

Radial SW4 Festival Switcher
The Radial SW4 is a high performance console switcher designed for everything from concert touring to clubs to allow the engineer to select between multiple stereo sources and connect them to the PA system. Designed to produce 'straight wire' audio performance, the SW4 features gold sealed relay switching for source select and ultra-premium nickel-wound Jensen Transformers to isolate the output. These ensure pure uncoloured tone even when submitted to crushing +28dB signal levels. The Radial SW4 features four stereo inputs: Inputs 1, 2 and 3 are 100% passive balanced XLR for high-end touring consoles. Input 4 is equipped with A or B stereo input sets and is both active buffered and transformer isolated to eliminate noise from sources such as CD players, DJ mixers and I-Pods. A headphone monitor bus allows any or all of the sources to be simultaneously listened to for pre-switch auditioning and may be sent to a separate output bus to drive active monitors or a second sound system. As the SW4 will likely find its way on many tours to handle main and backup acts, the SW4 has been configured to act double duty to feed the house PA with walk-out music. This can be very advantageous as it allows the FOH position to begin tear down as soon as the show is over, saving countless hours. A microphone input has also been included for announcements and evacuation safety. Finally, in effort to eliminate erroneous switching, the digitally controlled 'safe' button on the front panel must be depressed to switch the inputs. Should power ever fail, the SW4 will revert to 'passive mode' with input-1 direct to the main outputs.

Est. retail—$1350 USD
Target ship date: January 2009

Radial Launches LB Series—Lunchbox modules.
Radial engineering is pleased to announce it will be launching a series of lunchbox modules to fit the popular API 500 series format. According to company president Peter Janis: "Over the past several years, we have enjoyed tremendous success with out Tonebone range of pedals. Most musicians collect and trade pedals regularly. It occurred to us that as more and more musicians begin to have fun in the studio, a similar evolution will occur: They will collect various tools to do various tasks. And who better to make these than Radial, the Power Tools company? We plan to offer a wide range of studio devices starting immediately. The first of these will the Radial JDV-LB direct box that employs the critically acclaimed Radial JDV circuit. Next, will be the Radial PHZ-LB, a lunchbox version of the popular Phazer. The beauty of the lunchbox design is that musicians can mix and match modules and fit them inside various off-the-shelf racks to suit their needs. It can only lead to more fun and creativity!"

Radial JDV-LB Class-A direct box
The Radial JDV-LB is a class-A direct box with a unique feed-forward circuit topology. By eliminating all negative feedback loops, the audio remains absolutely pristine. The result is a natural open sound that is unmatched in the industry. To further dial-in the tone, Radial's unique Drag Control load correction allows the user to replicate the effect of amplifiers and cables on the instrument and when disengaged, introduces a 4meg-Ohm input to properly mate with piezo pickups. This makes the JDV-LB an ideal interface for bass guitar and acoustic instruments.

Est. retail—$350 USD
Target ship date: November 2008

Radial PHZ-LB phase adjustment tool
Following the success of the Radial Phazer, this 'studio tool' has also been ported over to the lunchbox format to allow multiple Phazers to be assembled into a recording kit. The PHZ-LB is a unique class-A analogue phase adjustment tool that allows the engineer to combine the sound of two sources such as microphones or direct boxes to create fuller more natural tones or introduce weird effects. Variable from 0° to 180° and equipped with a polarity reverse to capture the 181° to 360° cycle, the Radial PHZ-LB is more fun than a barrel full of lizards!

Est. retail—$300 USD
Target ship date: November 2008

Primacoustic Machine Room Computer Silencer
The Machine Room is a compact enclosure designed to quiet down computers for recording studios. It combines natural energy flow with forced air by providing the cool air intake at the bottom and allowing the hot air to rise and exit at the top. This is supplemented with a variable speed fan that 'sucks' the warm air out from the top and forces it through a foam lined manifold to ensure exit fan turbulence noise is subdued. Both the filtered intake vent and outtake port are positioned at the rear of the enclosure to minimize noise in the front working zone. A full-view front window with easy access door allows the user to access the computer quickly. A foam-rubber surround seal and positive latch ensures the door will close tight. To reduce inner reflections, the side walls of the Machine room are treated with high density open cell foam which is embedded with a fire retardant to meet the stringent C-117 safety specification. The variable speed fan and optional thermometer provide the user with control over air flow and desired cooling level. Designed to fit a Mac and sit flush next to a desk, the Machine Room measures 30" high, 16" wide and 24" deep. Ships flat.

Est. retail—$650 USD
Target ship date: November 2008

Primacoustic FlexiFuser Variable Pitch Diffuser
The Primacoustic FlexiFuser is an innovative device designed to mount at the receive end of the room to diffuse directional acoustic energy by reducing the standing waves and flutter echo that invariably plague all studios. Effective from 500Hz and up, the full-size FlexiFuser measures 48" high, 24" wide and 6" deep and features 6 variable pitch slats that can be rotated during assembly to deflect sound energy to create a greater sense of air and space inside the room. This innovative 'phase trap' acts double duty with a rear-mounted absorptive panel behind the stats that further reduces unwanted room reflections. When used in clusters, various patterns may be combined for maximum effect. Built from high-density particle board, the FlexiFuser ships flat to reduce freight costs and assembles in minutes using standard household tools. Ideal for recording studios, broadcast stations and home theatre installations.

Est. retail—$400 USD
Target ship date: November 2008

Primacoustic FlexiBooth Cupboard-Style Voice Over Booth
The FlexiVoice is a unique device that can instantly turn any room into a highly functional vocal booth by simply opening the doors! Built like a cupboard, the FlexiVoice hangs on a wall and opens wide to create a large 48" x 48" recording area that is both very quiet and does not suffer from the usual small room bumps in the lower mid range. Inside, deep 2" high-density fibreglass panels fill the back while low-profile 1" panels line the doors. These combine to effectively absorb sound energy throughout the voice range. This makes the FlexiVoice ideal for voice over, vocal tracking and pod casting. When closed, the FlexiVoice slotted doors work with the enclosure to perform double duty as a bass trap. The FlexiBooth is made from high density particle board and measures 48" high, 24" wide ,and 6" deep and can be cleat mounted to any wall surface. Attractively finished in a washable black melamine, the FlexiBooth ships flat to save freight.

Est. retail—$400 USD
Target ship date: November 2008

Primacoustic GoTrap Combination Gobo / Bass Trap
The GoTrap is a high performance 'stackable' studio gobo designed to isolate instruments and provide the recording engineer with more of the desired signal versus background noise. It features furniture grade laminated Baltic birch construction with tough dove-tail corners for maximum durability. Both sides of the G-Trap are equipped with high density 6lb fabric covered panels for maximum absorption. Inside, a high density diaphragmatic MDF panel acts double duty to both increase isolation, while combining with the air cavity to absorb deep bass. These features combine to achieve excellent absorption from 75 Hz and up. For easy easy-handling, the GoTrap has two handy side slots. Ships flat to save on freight.

Est. retail—$400 USD
Target ship date: November 2008

Primacoustic RX5 Recoil Stabilizer—Upfire!
Following the tremendous success of the Recoil line, the new RX5 Upfire is an isolation platform that features a 10° upfire angle making it ideal for post production studios where nearfield monitors are typically positioned on the desk surface and need to be aimed up, towards the listener. Once installed, this mass-loaded isolator eliminates disruptive resonance from the desk while improving the transient response of the loudspeaker. One also will notice the Recoil Stabilizer naturally extends the bass response while improving imaging. To conjure up the 'magic', the Recoil combines three components to create the whole: First, a high density base isolator made from urethane is used to decouple the system from the shelf or desk. Second, a heavy 1/4" steel plate provides the stabilizing mass and third, a top no-slip neoprene surface holds the loudspeaker in place. The massive platform is laser-cut and formed to eliminate standing waves while providing an attractive finish. Because the Recoil eliminates unknowns, the engineer will find that his or her mixes will translate better from room to room.

Est. retail—$100 USD each
Target ship date: October 2008

Radial Engineering also announces the official launch of Forest Audio
Forest Audio a new high-performance range of audio products designed primarily for the professional recording market.

"The first of these new products to be launched is the Forest F15 Roundback instrument preamp. This flagship product features an innovative Roundback design that truly embraces the concept of combining form with function. And we are so pleased with the results, we anticipate that the majority of the Forest range will feature our unique 'Roundback' design. The formed 'roll cage' creates a wonderful work surface for additional 'set & forget' features and also provides an effective carry handle when the device is used on the studio floor. We plan to use this space to position or add switches for extra versatility, heat-syncs and tubes when appropriate. This not only provides excellent cooling, but allows the user to quickly check system status if need be. And we think it is pretty darn sexy too!"

Forest Audio F15 Roundback Instrument Preamp
The Forest F15 Roundback is a combination 2-channel instrument preamp, direct box and re-amper. It features ultra-high performance class-A feed-forward topology for the ultimate in signal purity. There are no op-amps in the main audio circuit or signal degrading negative feedback loops. This is further enhanced with Drag Control™ load correction. For acoustic instruments, the F15 has a built-in piezo signal booster for gain and a 10 meg-ohm input impedance. This is augmented with switchable 6V & 12V phantom powering for miniature electret instrument microphones. Outputs include a compliment of dual mono or mixed balanced outputs with choice of 1/4" and XLRs. Channel outputs are assignable to dual mono or 'mixed' to mono to enhance connectivity options. The F15 is immediately distinguished by its Roundback design. This unique design combines form and function by providing a large 'work platform' under the roll-cage for additional 'set & forget' functions while the front panel features a recessed canopy creating a protective barrier around switches, knobs and jacks.

Est. retail—$1,000 USD
Target ship date: December 2008

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