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"Entity", a new semi-modular soft synth, is the latest release by NUSofting,
designed and produced in collaboration with Sonic Timeworks' DSP master.
The initial release offers the complete 1.0 plugin for
-- AU and VST Mac
-- VST PC 32-bit
-- VST PC 64-bit
All four plugins are included, 176 presets, for an attractive
introductory price of just US$48.

Customers who buy this first release will receive a free update to the
full product package in a few months. The update will add more presets,
an extensive manual (PDF), and a few aesthetic and functional
enhancements, like a new skin (GUI) and more features.

Entity is a semi-modular architecture, offering a selection of modules
you can assemble in various ways to create a wide variety of
configurations. With Entity you can combine traditional subtractive
synthesis with physical modelling generators. A huge palette of oscillators is
and there are 3 X 14 possible filter selections.
The matrix gives you masterful control over shaping your sound, letting you connect
modulation sources
to destinations quickly and easily. To give your audio creations a
final shine, you also get a flexible, great-sounding effects section.

Entity Synth Specifications

*** Oscillators ***

3 modules each with the following waveforms

- Standard Generators:
Sine with waveshaping control
Triangle (Table) with waveshaping control
Triangle (Syncable)
Pulse (Syncable) with waveshaping control
Saw (Syncable)

10 X Sine + variable ammount of odd or even harmonics

- Stacks with spreading control:
MultiSaw 1
MultiSaw 2
MultiSaw 3
Major Stack
Minor Stack

- Noise Generators with downsampling control :
Noise HP with resonance control
Noise LP with resonance control
Noise BP with resonance control

- Physical Modelling Generators each with 3 parameters:
Pick 1
Pick 2
Pick 3
Pick 4
Wind 1
Wind 2

(All oscillators in module #1 have FM and most of them have AM)

*** Filters ***

3 modules each with the following algorithms:

LP 1 Pole
LP 2 Pole
LP 2 X 2 Pole Parallel
LP 2 X 2 Pole Serial
HP 1 Pole
HP 2 Pole
HP 2 X 2 Pole Parallel
HP 2 X 2 Pole Serial
BP 2 Pole
BP 2 X 2 Pole Parallel
BP 2 X 2 Pole Serial
Drive + LP 2 Pole Pre or Post
Comb in module #2

*** Envelopes ***

3 X DAHDSR with: Repeat functions,
speed and gain keytracking, curve type selections

*** Syncable LFOs ***

3 X Rate Attack Phase Smooth.
Each with : 5 fixed destinations + 12 selectable destinations via Mod
Matrix, 12 wafeforms available,
3 modes: Reset, Global, Env

*** Matrix ***

3 X "2 sources to 4 destinations"

*** Effects ***

2 modules each with the following processors:
Chorus (mono)
Chorus (stereo)
Vintage Chorus
Echo (stereo with modulation)

*** Master Effects ***

Tube Amp
Simple Limiter
Simple Saturation

*** MIDI performance ***

Poly, Mono, Legato, Glide, Arpeggiator,
CC MIDI learn per knob

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