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Pyramind: The Institute For Advanced Digital Audio Training, has announced the 2006 graduation ceremony of fourteen of its students. Each of the fourteen students will be receiving a certificate in one of the three curriculum areas: Electronic Music Producer Certificate, Post Production Certificate or Digital Producer Certificate. The graduation ceremony will take place on Friday, June 30th, 7pm at Pyramind's 880 Folsom Street facilities in San Francisco.

"This is a very significant graduation at Pyramind," said Greg Gordon, director and president of Pyramind. "The fourteen graduates represent a wide range of dedicated, talented individuals who have been working diligently toward their specified certificates. Each student has taken numerous music, engineering and business courses and has been tested to ensure they are ready for the real world. And many of them are already offering professional services in the Bay Area media community, even as they graduate."

On his experience attending Pyramind for his Digital Production Certificate, graduate Bill McDonnell said, "The teachers are definitely experts and enthusiastic about the subject, they still have the edge, often found in some of the newer dynamic learning environments." On the curriculum he added, "It's a very comprehensive course, very hands on. You come out of the course with a good foundation in all the appropriate software for sound design and music. It has a business aspect to it as well, in the broad spectrum. It's a great introduction to the reality of business in the audio engineering and music industry." At his company KeyLime Sound Design, the focus is creating sound design and music for film and television.

Mischa Park-Doob is the only Pyramind graduate receiving the Post Production Certificate, while working towards graduation, he stated "Meanwhile I've been a student in UC Berkeley's linguistics PhD program since 2002...I came to Pyramind to broaden my skills and open up new career options. Eventually I hope to work on big-budget feature films as part of a large team of collaborators." Park-Doob already has a track record with AudioSFX working on foley production and music and effects stems. "I've been exposed to a tremendous range of real-life contingencies in a very short time. I'm very pleased with how quickly and economically I've been able to learn the ups and downs of the modern post-production world, thanks to Pyramind."

Receiving an Electronic Producer Certificate, Graduate John Dahl Honoré was possibly the first student at Pyramind's current location in 2003. "After taking a 5-year hiatus from music production, I was at their new studio/school location producing and recording a track for a friends album, when Steve Heithecker, the engineer for the session—and Pyramind instructor—started using software, I suddenly realized...things have changed and I am way behind the technology curve." said Honoré. "The first class I took at Pyramind was for Propellerhead's Reason software—my mind was blown." His introduction to Apple Logic Pro was just as eye opening; "I know Logic really well now, and use it as my main tool for composition and production...but just when you think you know a lot about Logic, spend five minutes with Pyramind's Logic instructor David Earl and you'll see just how much there really is to know." Honoré already has his own music production company called Master Fade Music Services.

Another success story receiving his Digital Producers Certificate at Pyramind is Dustin Musser. "I met with Matt and I really liked him," Musser said about Pyramind's Student and Curriculum Advisor. "After speaking with him I realized that Pyramind fit what I wanted in a school, it was cheaper than other schools, closer and focused on my interests." Musser presented a track at Test Press Thursdays and now has a publishing and distribution deal with inGrooves. "Jeff remembered meeting me at the Pyramind session," said Musser referring to a mastering session he observed as a Pyramind student. "You never know where the connection or break will come from. Now I have a deal with InGrooves. I'm very happy with the arrangement. And I'm very happy about having attended Pyramind."

As Jason Martinez graduates with the Digital Producers Certificate this month, he remembers visiting Pyramind two years ago on a trip from his former home in southern California, "Just talking to the teachers I felt I could customize the curriculum to fit what I needed. It was just when Pyramind moved to the 880 Folsom Street location, so everything was pretty new. I was able to take the classes I wanted." Martinez learned his lessons so well that he has taken a teaching job at Pyramind for the Music Production & Engineering 101 course that focuses on home recording. He hit it off with the people at Pyramind. "The best thing I got out of Pyramind was the community aspect," added Martinez. "It is a place I can go that creates a positive energy. Everyone there is excited about sharing information. People don't tell you what you can't do, but what you can do."

In addition to receiving certificates, each graduate will have the opportunity to present and showcase their accomplishments. Refreshments, and an opportunity to network will follow the graduation ceremony. The Keynote Speaker scheduled to address the graduates is Mr. Larry Batiste: singer, songwriter, publisher and current trustee of the San Francisco chapter of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

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