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The new Zoom PS-04 is a digital 4-track work station that's smaller than a portable CD player. At only 5 1/4" high x 3 1/4" wide x 1 3/8" deep, it's the smallest multi-track recorder you'll find anywhere.

It may be small, but the PS-04 packs plenty of capability, offering 4 tracks, with 10 virtual takes per track. Dozens of guitar, bass, vocal and mastering effects are built-in. It has a programmable drum and bass machine and digital editing capabilities.

Four Tracks, 40 Virtual Tracks

Each of the four tracks provides 10 virtual takes, so you can record several performances, and pick the best for mixing and mastering. Drum machine and bass machine tracks are independent of the four main tracks, so it's like having six tracks to work with.

Plug in guitars and mics via 1/4" jack, or hook up a CD Player via 1/8" jack for sampling. Use the built-in condenser mic to record your acoustic tracks. You can record up to two tracks simultaneously; for instance, a guitar plugged in direct, and vocals using the condenser mic.

Extensive Digital Editing

The best thing about digital multi-tracking, especially with small units, is the fact that when you bounce, you don't loose audio quality. The PS-04 has complete array of digital editing facilities built-in, including copy, paste, erase, trim and bounce----all with no signal degradation. The PS-04 even provides Auto/Manual punch in-out, marker locating, EQ and pan for each track, and other functions comparable with full-sized hard disc recorders.

SmartMedia Recording

The PS-04 uses SmartMedia as a recording medium. SmartMedia cards are light-weight and affordable. Recording time with the supplied 32 MB SmartMedia card is 32 minutes. But you can use a 128MB card for up to 134 minutes of track time.

Import/Export WAV/AIFF files

If you have a personal computer with a SmartMedia card reader/writer, you can use the free PS-04 Card Manager Software to import and export mixes or individual tracks using the WAV or AIFF file formats.

Built-in Programmable Rhythm Machine

The PS-04 has seven different drum kits, and 190 preset patterns. You can also record your own beats using Zoom's FAST (Formula Assisted Song Translator) programming. The programmable bass machine offers six different bass guitar tones and the same easy programmability.

87 insert effects including amp modeling

The PS-04 boasts a palette of 87 ZOOM effects. Effects are configured in five modules: Dynamics/Compressor, Distortion, ZNR (ZOOM Noise Reduction), 3-band Equalizer and Modulation/Ambience. 20 types of amp modeling sounds are also provided. The delay module provides up to seven seconds of delay, and delay-time can be synchronized to the built-in rhythm machine.

170 effect patches are categorized by input types into guitar/bass, mic and line. The DUAL effect patch with fully separate channels is ideal for recording guitar and vocals at the same time, because you can use the mic preamp in one channel and a compressor in the other. The ARRM (Auto-Repeat Real-time Modulation) feature allows the user to control wave effects like Wah, Delay and other typically pedal-controlled effects and synchronize them with the built-in rhythm machine.

Send/Return Ambient Effects

In addition to the insert effects, the PS-04 has a Send/Return effects that can be used on entire songs, while controlling send levels for each track. Four types of Reverb (Hall, Room, Spring, Plate) as well as Chorus and Delay are available. 30 preprogrammed effect patches can be selected to simulate a concert hall or live venues, add chorus to vocals or guitar, or to add analog delay.

Built-in Condenser Microphone

The built-in microphone has a dedicated pre-amp, and allows the built-in chromatic tuner to be used on acoustic instruments.

Perfect for the darkened tour bus traveling at night, the PS-04 features a back-lit LCD display, and all the buttons are lit as well. The device will operate for over 5 hours using 4 AA batteries.

The Zoom PS-04 is available now, and has a List Price of $359.99

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