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Propellerhead Software, the company behind acclaimed products such as ReCycle! and ReBirth have announced the release of ReWire 2.0, the first cross-application technology to transfer both midi and audio seamlessly between applications. ReWire was designed as the software equivalent of a multi-channel cable between two audio applications. The original thought was to provide a link between ReBirth and other audio programs. But the technology quickly won a foothold and has now been implemented in the following applications:

Steinberg Cubase VST PC/Mac, Steinberg Nuendo 1.5 PC/Mac, Propellerhead Software Reason PC/Mac, Opcode Vision DSP and Studio Vision Mac, Bitheadz Inc. Retro AS-1 and Unity DS-1 for PC/Mac, Emagic Logic Audio Silver, Gold and Platinum PC/Mac, Koblo Vibra, Stella and Gamma software synths and samplers Mac, Mark Of The Unicorn Digital Performer 2.7 Mac

ReWire 2.0 now takes the next logical step by integrating MIDI, audio and transport control in one invisible application link.

The technology simply connects two ReWire 2 compatible applications such as Reason and Steinberg's Nuendo 1.5 (ReWire 2 has to been implemented in both applications by the developers). All Sampler, Synth, Drum Machine and Dr Rex outputs are connected automatically, one can use the mixer facilities and effects of your normal working environment.

And the same goes for MIDI. ReWire 2 is also an invisible MIDI cable that seamlessly links to ReWire devices from any supported sequencer. Recording and playback is as integrated as any plug-in architecture, by selecting a Rewire 2 device such as a Reason Synth from an output list.

ReWire 2 can even interrogate every parameter in a ReWire 2 instrument and replace controller numbers with parameter names in the main applications midi editors. This means not having to work out what controller number is allocated to that filter and an automatic transfer of the individual sound names from the ReWire Drum Machine to the Drum Editor.

Synchronization issues between the devices are all handled by ReWire 2. Once the applications have detected each other (which happens automatically) they are in complete, high precision, glitch free sync. There are no settings to make and no parameters to worry about. The audio in ReWire 2 is of extremely high quality and the system can handle practically any sample rate while floating-point arithmetic provides extremely high bit resolution.

And finally, ReWire 2 is completely backwards compatible so any ReWire 1 device, such as ReBirth 2.0, can still stream audio directly in to the audio mixer of a ReWire 2 application.


  • Link up to 256 audio channels from one application to another
  • Play virtual ReWire 2 midi instruments directly from your main sequencer
  • Interrogate every parameter in your ReWire instrument and replace controller numbers with parameter names in your main applications midi editors.
  • Select every ReWire 2 instrument by name from a list in your main application
  • Transfer the names of the samples used in, say your ReWire 2 drum machine
  • Sample accurate sync and full transport control between the two applications
  • Support any sample rate in 32 bit floating point
  • Developed for both Mac and Windows platforms

Propellerhead Software licences ReWire 2.0 free of charge to software manufacturers. This is done in the faith that what is good for the industry as a whole is good for us as well. Anyone interested in creating a commercial ReWire application is welcome to apply, free of license fee barriers.

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