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Peavey announced the release of the new Kosmos Pro Processor, an audio tool for studio and live performance.

The Kosmos Pro expands on the original Kosmos by allowing users to control the processes of its features rather than simply the levels. This Peavey-exclusive technology produces increased low end while adding clarity and definition.

Noted mixing engineer Kevin Shirley recently used the Kosmos Pro on Led Zeppelin's How the West Was Won live three-CD set and the subsequent Led Zeppelin DVD. While both the CD and DVD capture the band at various stages in its career, Shirley used the Kosmos Pro to make the recordings sonically consistent.

"I know that when you stand in front of a guitar amplifier, you get this great 'thump' from the bottom end of the cabinet, but it always sounds a little bit smaller when you move away from it. I used the Kosmos to create the sort of psycho-acoustic sensation you might get from being in close Proximity to the amplifier cabinet. It enlarges the stereo image and creates extra bass.

"I use the Kosmos in a lot of different applications," he added. "The way I used it on the Zeppelin material was particular to that Project. I like to use it especially on the new, younger bands that do a gazillion guitar overdubs. I'll use the Kosmos to give the guitars a really nice curve and separation, which is otherwise difficult to do." Shirley has used the Processor on albums by Dream Theater, Iron Maiden and The Black Crowes, among many others.

Nickelback bassist Mike Kroeger uses the original Kosmos in his extensive Peavey amplifier system, which also includes Pro Series* amplifier heads and cabinets and a Triple XXX guitar amp (for distortion). "I use the Kosmos for boosting Mike's low-end tone," said bass technician David "Shuu" Guidish. "It's just an ungodly low end, so I use a little of that to fatten the bottom." Kroeger used the Kosmos while recording The Long Road, Nickelback's latest album.

Praise for the Kosmos Pro also emanates from other sectors of the music industry, including Producers Jim Wirt (Fiona Apple, Incubus, Live) and Oz Fritz (Ramones, Primus, Tom Waits) and renowned film composers such as Frank Serafine. The Academy Award-winning composer and sound designer, whose credits include "The Hunt for Red October" and "Field of Dreams," recently used the Kosmos Pro on "Hulk: The Movie."

"The Kosmos Pro is the best and most versatile tool for sub-harmonic frequency generation that I've come across in my 22 years in the sound design business," said Serafine. "It gives me a great deal of control over my mixes and removes a lot of the EQ-ing I used to have to do." Noted Shirley, "In the last two years, there's Probably not one record I haven't used the Kosmos on."


  • Exclusive Kosmos technology
  • New QUAKE Dynamics control; THUD with Deeper switch; Barometric Shift control for XPANSE; and new STRATOSPHERE control
  • 1/4", XLR and S/PDIF Input/Output for connecting to any system
  • U.S. MSRP $599.99
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