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Catch the wave with Peavey Electronics' line of Q-Wave loudspeakers featuring exclusive Quadratic Throat Waveguide technology and the new Pro Rider 15" woofer. Combining a combination of patented technology, the Q-Wave series is an excellent choice for clubs, touring bands, professional sound companies and houses of worship.

Seven different models comprise the Q-Wave family, each utilizing various compression drivers and woofers. The Q-Wave 2 consists of a 44XT 4" titanium diaphragm compression driver and a Pro Rider 15" woofer. The Q-Wave 3 has an RX22 two-inch compression driver, a 6.5" high efficiency mid-range, and a Pro Rider woofer. The Q-Wave 4 includes a 44XT driver and two Pro Rider woofers. The Q-Wave 118 consists of a Low Rider 18" woofer, while the Q-Wave 218 contains two Low Rider woofers. Finally, individual left and right floor monitors round off the series, both of which consist of a 44XT driver coupled to a CH"6 60* conical horn and a Pro Rider woofer.

A Peavey exclusive, the loudspeakers use a four-pin Neutrik Speakon bi-amp connector that alleviates the need for external switches or internal jumpers which allows for bi-amping flexibility. The inclusion of a standard four-pin Neutrik jack in parallel on the driver side of the bi-amp switching jack provides for daisy chaining to another cabinet while bi-amping.

The 44XT 4" compression driver utilizes ferrofluid cooling and is coupled to a CH 942qt constant directivity horn which employs Quadratic Throat Waveguide technology. Due to the horn's unique patented geometry, it has much lower distortion than other constant directivity horns on the market. The 44XT driver features the patented Radialinear Planar Phase Correction System, which provides smoother and extended high frequency response. This powerful technology blasts the competition!

The Q-Wave series' clean sound delivery can be attributed to the product's internal passive crossover. The Q-Wave 2, 4, ML, and MR feature the Sound Guard 44, while the Q-Wave 3 employs the Sound Guard III HF protection circuit and an advanced topology crossover with high performance components to deliver high-power handling and reliability. Sound Guard provides long- and medium-term driver overload protection when the system is used in full-range, or when it is bi-amped, without impairing musical transients or dynamics. The crossover provides driver roll-off and protection, as well as driver EQ for the woofer and horn. The optimal integration of the crossover with the selected drivers results in a smooth frequency response for each product in the Q-Wave family.

The Pro Rider woofer, found in the Q-Wave 2, 3, 4, ML and MR, uses a Kevlar impregnated cone and has a program power rating of 1,200 Watts. The Q-Wave 118 and 218 enclosures utilize the Low Rider woofer allowing the 118 to handle 1,600 Watts and the 218 to handle 3,200 Watts of program power! The trapezoidal design of the Q-Wave 2, 3 and 4 allows multiple cabinets to be set up at splayed angles for extended coverage.

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