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Overloud has announced that TH1, its Custom Guitar Effects Suite, is now being shipped to distributors and dealers worldwide. TH1 offers a new twist on the guitar player's stage and recording system by implementing both revolutionary features and a user interface that appeals to every level of player and producer, regardless of experience and technical know-how. Overloud's tube and analog emulation technology has been in development for more than ten years and has been brought to market in its fourth incarnation in TH1, resulting in what Overloud believes to be the warmest, most lush and truthful guitar tones ever created with a modeling plug-in. Exclusive features such as SLR amplifier morphing, free life-like microphone positioning around cabinets, ReSPire cabinet technology, and BREVERB-based reverbs, are combined with a radically different and transparent user interface, a vast selection of mics, cabinets, and amps, dozens of stomp-boxes, pedals and rack effects, easy and powerful memory management, and unprecedented real-time control capabilities. Together, these features forge a totally new, yet familiar, experience both for the guitarist and the 21st century producer. A 14-day full-featured demo is available for download online. Features Sound:
  • 4th generation tube and analog emulation engine
  • SLR technology, morphs between amps for an infinite sound canvas
  • 3D positioning of microphones in front of cabinets
  • Cabinets feature ReSPiRe technology
  • BREVERB-based reverb effects
  • Global sound-influencing controls
  • Easy and intelligent stereo handling—true stereo in to out capabilities
Ease Of Use:
  • Easy to understand and modify signal path
  • In-line high quality Tuner
  • Compact view "Live" mode
  • Advanced memory management
  • 12 Factory Banks featuring 93 Sounds and 462 Variations
  • Easy to configure MIDI Program and Bank Change control
  • Smart Controls open up new ways of controlling and tweaking sounds
  • MIDI CC control of Smart Controls
TH1 is available now in RTAS, AU, VST and Stand-alone formats for Mac OS X and RTAS, VST and Stand-alone formats for Windows and lists for €249 worldwide and $349 in the USA and Canada.
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