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GC Pro, the outside sales division of Guitar Center that focuses on the needs of professional users, is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Ocean Way HR-2 line of high-resolution, close-range, large monitor systems. The HR-2 monitor system is available in three versions, the HR-2A, HR-2B and HR-2C, each providing an extremely accurate uncolored sound field with a wide dynamic range, uniformed response and all have the ability to deliver extremely high SPL's without a trace of harshness.

The HR-2A is a tri-amplified, 3-way monitor system, electronically crossed over and equalized. The HR-2A's typical frequency response is flat +/- 2db from 20Hz-18Khz. The High frequency utilizes a custom 120 degree by 40 degree 400Hz radial horn with a single HF driver delivering unparalleled even directivity unlike anything else currently available on the market. The mid-bass utilizes a custom front loaded LF horn design with an identical flare rate to the HF horn with a single 15-inch mid bass unit. This provides enhanced spatial imaging as well as a substantial increase to the mid-bass efficiency. The sub-bass utilizes a custom ported cabinet with a single 18-inch LF unit.

The HR-2B is identical to the HR-2A except it utilizes a custom passive crossover between the high and mid bass section eliminating the need for a third amplifier. The performance of the two systems is virtually identical.

HR-2C is a 2-way version of the HR-2B eliminating the sub-bass section and its amplifier. This systems LF response is typically uniform to 35Hz. Otherwise, this system exhibits the same sonic characteristics as the HR-2A and HR-2B.

One of the most compelling aspects of owning the HR-2A or HR-2B system is the purchase and installation approach by GC Pro and Ocean Way. Each system is individually adjusted and aligned by Ocean Way's technical specialists for maximum performance in the customers own work environment. The price of an Ocean Way system includes a pre-evaluation of the studio, as well as complete installation and alignment, all cables, connectors and wiring. In essence, the customer is not just purchasing speakers, they are buying a finished sound. It is important to note that even though the HR-2 A & HR-2B systems have the capacity to overcome most room anomalies, sometimes acoustic corrections to the control room may be required for optimum performance. As part of the installation, Ocean Way's technical specialists carefully evaluate the space the monitors are to be placed in, and make suggestions on the most cost-effective ways to make room corrections with the goal of optimizing acoustics. Because the HR-2 systems sit right in front of the console, essentially like "big" small speakers, most first and second order reflections that often cause major problems for soffet mounted speakers are not usually an issue for the HR-2 system.

MSRP pricing on the new Ocean Way HR-2 line of professional monitors is as follows:

  • HR-2A Tri-Amp System $34,000—Includes: A pair of 2 way cabinets, pair of Sub woofer cabinets, HF drivers, MF drivers, LF drivers, Equalizers, Crossover, HF Amp, MF Amp, LF Amp. All wiring and installation including tuning.
  • HR-2B Bi-Amp System $28,500—Includes: A pair of 2 way cabinets, pair of Sub woofer cabinets, HF drivers, MF drivers, LF drivers, Equalizers, Crossover, High/Mid Amp, LF Amp. All wiring and installation including tuning.
  • HR-2C Single Amp System $20,000* (Installation additional)—Includes: A pair of 2 way cabinets, HF drivers, LF drivers, Equalizers, Full Range Amp. *Installation is additional fee on HR-2C and may require optional riser to meet correct height. Optional Riser $1,800 pair

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