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MIDIMAN Inc. announced the addition of the Oxygen 8 USB MIDI Controller to their USB Keystation line of MIDI controller products. The Oxygen 8 has an MSRP of $179.95.

The USB Keystation MIDI Controllers, which now include the Oxygen 8, the USB Keystation 49 and USB Keystation 61, represent a new line of fully featured portable MIDI keyboard controllers that are coupled with a USB MIDI interface. Using MIDIMAN's USB MIDI interface technology, the Oxygen 8 can be plugged into and self-powered by a USB equipped Macintosh or PC computer, inputting MIDI information to the computer and outputting to an external MIDI device, an internal sound card, or software synths. The Oxygen 8 can alternately be used as a standalone MIDI controller for performance situations or use with other MIDI gear.

The Oxygen 8 offers eight rotary knobs that can be programmed to transmit any MIDI control value on any MIDI channel. This feature, unique for controller keyboards, is perfect for endless tweaking of software synths, for automating a software mixer console, or to adjust any device that will respond to MIDI control. A data slider can also be set to transmit velocity offset, volume, pan, chorus and reverb depth, while program change and MIDI channel can be keyed into the Oxygen 8. These features, a mod wheel, pitch wheel, and the ability to set the Oxygen 8 to any pitch or octave, make it a truly flexible controller keyboard.

For operating the USB Keystation with your computer, driver software is included for Windows 98, ME, and 2000, and for Macintosh OS 8.6 or higher in conjunction with Opcode's OMS MIDI Manager (included).

Oxygen 8 features include:

  • Inputs 16 channels of MIDI to your computer, and outputs 16 channels to a MIDI output port for connection to external modules. No separate MIDI interface required.
  • Utilizes the power and convenience of your USB port. No tools or computer disassembly required.
  • Eight fully programmable rotary sliders. Programmable data slider for specific MIDI parameters.
  • Mod wheel, pitch wheel, program change, MIDI channel, and setting octave and pitch all controllable for the keyboard.
  • The Oxygen 8 can be powered by the computer's USB port, or using the included power supply. The Oxygen 8 can alternately be powered using 6 "AA" batteries.

System Requirements:

PC: Windows 98 or higher. USB port required, either on the motherboard or using a USB expansion card. Mac: OS 8.6 or higher. USB equipped iMac, G3, or G4.

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