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The "Stage Set"
The "Trap Set"

With the roll-out of the revolutionary Roland V-drums this July comes the renewal of the complete Roland Drum Systems line-up, including the introduction of new "Trap" and "Stage" drum sets. These new electronic drum sets, which build upon Roland's highly successful TD-5K and TD-7K drum kits, offer new electronic percussion pad configurations, enhanced sound modules, new drum stands and more.

Stage Set

The new "Stage Set" presents drummers with the ultimate in sample-based electronic drum systems. It includes the newly-updated "Turbo" TD-7T Percussion Sound Module; four 10-inch, dual-trigger PD-9 drum pads; four 7-inch, dual-trigger PD-7 pads; a KD-7 Kick Trigger Unit; an FD-7 Hi-Hat Controller; pad and cymbal mounts and the new Stage Stand.

The Stage Set's new "Turbo" TD-7T Percussion Sound Module has been updated to include 23 new drum patches, new sequencing patterns, improved triggering sensitivity and quicker response. New preset patches focus on techno and dance-related genres of music, as well as a refinement of "traditional" drum patch sounds including "Studio," "Session," "Jazz" and "Brush." New sequencing patterns include "Dance," "Jazz," "Hard Rock," "Reggae," "Salsa" and more. The Stage Set's new curved, powder-coated aluminum stand is painted a futuristic charcoal.

Trap Set

The affordable "Trap Set" gives drummers a strong basic electronic drum set which includes an updated TD-5 Percussion Sound Module; five PD-5 single-trigger drum pads; a KD-7 Kick Trigger Unit; an FD-7 Hi-Hat Controller; pad and cymbal mounts and the new Trap Stand.

The Trap Set's TD-5 Percussion Sound Module includes 32 hot new drum patches and the same quick response that has made it a worldwide favorite. The new custom powder-coated aluminum Trap Stand is painted silver.


In other Roland Drum Systems news, the company will begin shipping its revolutionary V-drums systems to dealers this month, ending the six-month wait that has left many drummers and percussionists beside themselves with anticipation.

For the first time, drummers and drum programmers will have access to an electronic percussion sound module, the V-drums TD-10, that goes far beyond PCM (sample-based) playback through Roland's proprietary Composite Object Sound Modeling (COSM) technology. COSM allows V-drums users to "model" every aspect of a drum's sound-drum type, shell material, drum depth, drum head type, tuning, muffling, mic type, mic placement, mic positioning, room type, effects, equalization, etc. - through an intuitive, icon-driven user interface. Also shipping will be the new PD-100 and PD-120 "V-pads," the innovative, mesh-head electronic drum pads designed through a partnership between Roland and REMO Inc. USA. These pads allow for unprecedented triggering sensitivity and dynamics, even allowing for playing with brushes. Through the combination of the V-drums TD-10 sound module and the V-pads, drummers will have access to the ultimate drum and percussion environment.

In all, the renewal of the Roland Drum Systems line-up and the shipment of the revolutionary V-drums should easily keep Roland at the forefront of the growing electronic percussion market well into the next century.

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