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EV (Electro-Voice) introduced the EVID (Electro-Voice Innovative Design) 3.2 S.O.S. "Hot Spot" musician monitor loudspeaker system at this year's AES. The EVID 3.2 is an addition to the existing EVID loudspeaker lineæthe latest in high-quality, innovative foreground/background premium surface-mount speaker systems. With EVID, sound contractors can turn any place of business - whether a restaurant, bistro, bar, department store, outlet or other commercial environment - into a positive sound experience.

The addition of the EVID 3.2 S.O.S. expands EV's commitment to cater to musicians in a wide variety of applications. The EVID 3.2 features dual three-inch LF drivers and a 3/4-inch Ti-direct radiator. Designed to fit onto a performer's mic stand, the EVID musician monitor creates a whole new approach to personal monitoring. For adaptability and easy use, EV has included a 1/4-inch adapter and volume knob; the system also comes complete with a universal mic stand adapter and shock-mount mic clip. Perfect for situations where stage volume is kept at a moderate level, the monitor is ideal for houses of worship, clubs, coffee houses, rehearsal studios and anywhere live music is performed. The EVID musician monitor also provides a solution for stages with limited space. This is what singer-songwriters and solo acts have been waiting for: portability, unobtrusiveness and high-quality audio in an aesthetically unique, yet extremely functional design.

The EVID line features three full-range models including a subwoofer:

  • EVID 6.2, dual six-inch LF drivers and a one-inch Ti-waveguide ($580)
  • EVID 4.2, dual four-inch LF drivers and a one-inch Ti-waveguide ($340)
  • EVID 3.2, dual three-inch LF drivers and a 3/4-inch Ti-direct radiator ($256)
  • EVID 12.1 subwoofer with a 12-inch LF transducer ($480)

With EVID, you can expect the most preeminent sound available and unique styling to blend into any environment. Whether it's the EVID 3.2, EVID 4.2 or larger EVID 6.2, each model has the same unbelievable clarity and neutral character. The difference between models is low-frequency extension and SPL capability. Engineered to the highest standards in performance, all models feature dual-woofer design for deeper and smoother bass response. EVID's "shaded" line array design means more coverage control and easier system design, and EVID's

new Strong-Arm-Mount(tm) (SAM) system enables more secure, structurally sound and flexible installations. EVID speakers are also weather-resistant for most outdoor applications.

Rated at 50 watts, the EVID 3.2 is perfect for applications where "invisibility" is required. Coupled with the EVID 12.1 subwoofer, the system provides outstanding sound and wide coverage. Perfect for background music in bars and restaurants, the EVID 3.2's unique ellipsoid design combines aesthetics and performance.

When full bandwidth and dynamic capability are required, the EVID 4.2 is an excellent choice; its dual LF transducers provide 65 Hz and peak SPL exceeds 110 dB, easily outperforming other speakers its size. The EVID 4.2 is well suited for many sound reinforcement environments, including outdoor sound in themed areas, concourses in stadiums and airports or anywhere else clear, reliable sound is required.

The largest model in the line, EVID 6.2, far and away out-classes other products in its category within commercial sound reinforcement; no other speaker comes close to the combination of bandwidth, dynamic range (117 dB) and sound quality of the EVID 6.2. These qualities make it the only choice for high-level foreground music or sound reinforcement in large areas.

The EVID 12.1 subwoofer utilizes a 12-inch transducer with dual voice coils to produce low frequencies down to 40 Hz. Its built-in filters reduce coloration and provide a high-pass output for satellites to further increase potential output capability.

In addition, built-in transformer versions (3.2T, 4.2T, 6.2T) feature high-quality, low-distortion 70- and 100-watt transformers for applications requiring constant voltage. Built-in transformer versions provide the same superior sound as non-transformer EVID models, 3.2, 4.2, 6.2 and 12.1.

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