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Patchman Music is proud to announce the release of a new soundbank for the Korg Z1 Physical Modelling synthesizer. Volume 1 for the Korg Z1 is a bank of 128 Programs and 16 Multis specially designed to be played with a wind controller or breath controller. This soundbank features lots of highly expressive, physically modelled acoustic emulations, ensemble and solo timbres, breathy wind instruments, and powerful synth leads. Highlights include Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bari saxes, pan flute, Bassoon, Harmonica, Clarinet, Digeridoo, Lyle lead, strings, classic EVI and EWI lead timbres. Also featured are a set of Brecker-style chorded leads in which the Performance Editor Knobs adjust the chord pitches in realtime!

Formats: This soundbank is available in PC .SYX, Mac or PC Standard MIDIfile, Mac Self Loader, and Mac Korg Editor formats.

Price: $39.95.

Patchman Music Z1 Volume 1 Programs

A000 *Jazz Trumpet       A064 *Lyle LeadA001 *Classical Trmpt    A065 *Pitched NoiseA002 *Mute Trumpet       A066 *Classic SquareA003 *Piccolo Trumpet    A067 *EWI Saw LeadA004 *Trombone 01        A068 *Classic EVI TptA005 *Trombone 02        A069 *Classic EWI SawA006 *Trombone 03        A070 *3 Osc EWI SawA007 *Mute Trombone      A071 *Matrix!!A008 *Mute Brass Brass   A072 *Rocker LeadA009 *French Horn 01     A073 *Poly-800A010 *French Horn 02     A074 *Sync LeadA011 *Solo Brass 01      A075 *Fuzz LeadA012 *Solo Brass 02      A076 *MonsterA013 *Low Pop Brass      A077 *Sawz!A014 *Pop Brass Ens.     A078 *Super Sawz!A015 *Synth Brass Ens    A079 *Chariots!A016 *Synth Brass 02     A080 *TaurosorisA017 *Flute 01           A081 *Filter SweepA018 *Jazz Flute 01      A082 *House Synth HitA019 *Bamboo Flute       A083 *Prophet LeadA020 *Pan Flute          A084 *SawpannnaA021 *Piccolo 01         A085 *XPanderA022 *Oboe 01            A086 *Square Lead 01A023 *English Horn 01    A087 *Reso Square Ld.A024 *Double Reed 01     A088 *Mega Pulse LeadA025 *Bassoon 01         A089 *House Air LeadA026 *Baroque LowReed    A090 *Vocoder 01A027 *Low BassoReed      A091 *Breckord 1-4thsA028 *Clarinet 01        A092 *Breckord 2-#9A029 *Solo Clarinet      A093 *Breckord 3A030 *Synth Clarinet     A094 *Breckord 4-Sus4A031 *Bass Clarinet      A095 *Breckord 5-OctsA032 *Digideroo          A096 *FM Ring LeadA033 *Soprano Sax        A097 *AccordianA034 *ShorterSopSax      A098 *Steel DrumA035 *KennySopranoSax    A099 *Real RhodesA036 *Jazz SopranoSax    A100 *Clavinet 01A037 *Sanborn AltoSax    A101 *Phunky ClavA038 *Alto Sax 01        A102 *WC B3 Jazz Org1A039 *Tenor Sax 01       A103 *WC B3 Jazz Org3A040 *Airy Tenor Sax     A104 *Breathy OrganA041 *Bari Sax 01        A105 *Pipe Organ LeadA042 *Funky Bari Sax     A106 *Shamisen LeadA043 *Saxobass           A107 *Uni Shamisen LdA044 *Talkin' Reed       A108 *Harp LeadA045 *Low Solo Reed      A109 *DulcimerA046 *Cello-Sax Morph    A110 *Nylon Guitar 01A047 *Brass-Sax Morph    A111 *Studio GuitarA048 *Harmonica 01       A112 *Clean Strat 01A049 *Harmonica 02       A113 *Dry Jazz GuitarA050 *Violin 01          A114 *Single Coil GtrA051 *Cello 01           A115 *Metheny GuitarA052 *FuzzyBow           A116 *Joe Pass GuitarA053 *Synth Cellos       A117 *JazzHollowBodyA054 *Marcato Strings    A118 *Chorus Guitar!A055 *Electro Lead       A119 *Smack GuitarA056 *Frazzo Lead        A120 *Dist. Lead Gtr.A057 *Sync Lead          A121 *Tite Funk BassA058 *Reso Synth         A122 *Upright BassA059 *Saw Lead!          A123 *Slap Bass BassA060 *Classic Saw        A124 *Electric Bs. 01A061 *Patchman Lead!     A125 *EnvFollowerBassA062 *Vocallis           A126 *Moog Bass 01A063 *Osc Sync Lead 1    A127 *Funk Moog Bass

Patchman Music Z1 Volume 1 Multis

A00: *Trumpet/TrombneA01: *2 TrombonesA02: *Trmpt/Sopr.SaxA03: *AltoSax/Jz.GuitA04: *Trumpet/BariSaxA05: *Trumpet/AltoSaxA06: *Super TromboneA07: *Native FlutesA08: *Low ReedsA09: *Flute/Clar/OboeA10: *Fl/Clar/Ob ChrdA11: *Kenny & JoePassA12: *Rhodes 4th CompA13: *Brecker Lead 1!A14: *Brecker Lead 2!A15: *So What!!
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