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Korg announces the newest addition to its line of ELECTRIBE dance products, the ELECTRIBE-S Rhythm Production Sampler. Designed to provide the same immediacy as the current ELECTRIBE-A and R models, the new ELECTRIBE-S offers sampling, resampling, signal processing and sequencing capabilities.

Korg has designed the ELECTRIBE-S so that sampling is straightforward: play it, sample it and then combine samples to create rhythm patterns and grooves. In addition, the ELECTRIBE-S has a broad range of editing capabilities, allowing the user to create many unusual sounds and grooves.

The ELECTRIBE-S Rhythm Production Sampler has 95 seconds of sampling time (mono), and can store up to 100 samples in memory at a time. Sounds may be sampled through any of 11 different effects, including standard reverb, chorus/flange, and distortion--or more effects such as the Decimator, Isolator, and Resonant Filter. There is also a Master Delay control for adding tempo-synced digital delay to the overall sound.

The real-time resample function of the ELECTRIBE-S permits a user to apply effects to previously recorded samples and then resample the result, which creates even more new sounds with no loss in audio quality. In addition, the pitch, filter and effects knobs allow for modification of tone and effects in real-time while resampling. Like the current ELECTRIBES, the ELECTRIBE-S can gate incoming audio in time with a pattern for rhythmic effects. The gated audio can then be run though the Master Delay for further processing.

Rhythms are created by assigning sampled sounds to as many as ten parts, and then triggering them in real or step time. The step sequencer can be used to edit the pattern via 16 step-keys, which control when each sound is to play within the measure. Patterns can be from 1-4 measures long, and the ELECTRIBE-S contains 128 pattern locations, including 64 preloaded patterns and 54 preloaded samples. Up to 256 patterns/steps can be combined to create a song, and then stored in one of 16 internal song memories.

With the touch of a button, the user can add rolls or reverse the playback for each part to create even more complex rhythmic variation. The ELECTRIBE-S also has a Time Slice function that can be used to detect the attacks of each part within a phrase, enabling individual parts to be played back separately. For example, in a rhythm pattern consisting of kick, snare, and hi-hat, just the snare can be erased, or the pitch or filter values can be modified for just the kick, or the tempo can be modified without effecting the overall pitch of the loop.

Another significant feature of the ELECTRIBE-S is the Motion Sequence function. This allows even more control over sounds, as every knob tweak can be recorded as part of the rhythm pattern. Pitch, filter, level and pan parameter changes can all be recorded in real-time, as well as assigning effects on/off for each part. Additionally, an Effect Motion Sequence function can be used to record changes in effect parameters, and a Delay Motion Sequence can be used on the overall pattern.

The ELECTRIBE-S provides a Smart Media™ Slot for storing samples, songs and patterns on 3.3 V Smart Media ranging from 4 MB to 64 MB, along with the ability to load AIFF and WAV files of sampled data stored on computer. The unit also features a 1/4" stereo phone jack input with a LINE / MIC level switch, a Gain adjustment knob, dual mono phone jack outputs, and a 1/4" stereo headphone jack. MIDI In, Out and Thru are provided for easy connection to other MIDI equipment, to create finished tracks. Power is supplied via 9V AC adapter.

The Korg ELECTRIBE-S Rhythm Production Sampler will be available late Spring 2000, for a suggested retail price of $599.00.

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