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Radial Engineering announced the HS1 HotShot, a combination microphone signal splitter and mute switch that allows the vocalist to depress a foot switch to mute his mic and redirect the signal to the monitoring system and/or intercom.

According to company president Peter Janis: "Today, most professional bands perform with in-ear monitors. These provide a more controlled monitoring environment for the musician while lowering stage noise. These form-fit earpieces also serve to block out noise from live instruments such as drums and guitars. This of course makes it difficult to converse with other musicians on stage and technical crew. The HotShot was designed as a solution for this problem whereby the vocalist need merely depress a switch and his microphone is muted to the crowd FOH (front of house system) and diverted to the in-ear system and or intercom. "

Designed specifically for dynamic microphones, the HS1 HotShot is a simple passive device that features an XLR input, momentary foot switch and two XLR outputs designated 'main' and 'monitor'. The microphone connects to the input and the main output connects to the sound system as usual. The monitor output is connected to the monitor desk where the monitor engineer can route the signal to the musicians on-stage monitoring systems and if desired, to the technical crew. Should a problem occur; a change of song during a set; or a level require adjustment, the vocalist need merely depress his HotShot foot switch and he is now able to converse in confidence.

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