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Hal Leonard is releasing two new titles from the MusicPro Guides series. The Desktop Studio: A Guide To Computer-Based Audio Production SECOND EDITION
By Emile D. Menasche
The ubiquity of powerful computers in our everyday lives now means that nearly everyone has access to a high-tech audio production tool: for many the home computer is the new recording studio. What was once only possible with expensive time booked with an experienced engineer is fast becoming available to anyone with the right machine and a USB interface. Meanwhile, the advent of programs like Apple's GarageBand has enabled more musicians to have access to better-quality recording software at a cheaper price than ever before. But such access comes at a cost; the range of options can be confusing, and many users are unsure of how to put together the right system for their own skills and style and how to take full advantage of everything it can do. In this fully revised edition of The Desktop Studio, author Emile Menasche levels out the steep learning curve of computer-based audio production hardware and software. Menasche has over two decades of experience writing about and recording with virtually every software on the market, and his tutorials on Pro Tools, SONAR, Logic Pro, Cubase, Digital Performer, ACID, and Live demystify not only the specifics of these programs, but also the underlying concepts essential to getting the most out of your home studio. Every chapter is heavily illustrated with screen shots and written in language that is concise and easy to understand. Covering every aspect of home recording — from optimizing your machine to be able to record efficiently to motherboards, processors, audio and MIDI interfaces, multitrack arrangements, signal routing, mixing, mastering, sampling, and sequencing — The Desktop Studio is an indispensable asset that should be within close reach of any recording enthusiast. About the Author:
Emile Menasche is a composer, musician, and journalist with over 20 years of computer-based audio production experience. He currently serves as editor-in-chief of In Tune Monthly. The Studio Musician's Handbook
By Bobby Owsinkski and Paul III
Breaking into a career as a studio musician is tough. There is a certain mix of talent, politics, business know-how, and dues paying that is prerequisite. Technical know-how and the right chops are of course essential, but in the studio setting as in life there are other skills to master as well and many tough questions that one just can't come out and ask. And once you are ready to compete on a professional level who can you turn to for solid business advice? Hal Leonard Books and MusicPro Guides are proud to present the only comprehensive guide to succeeding as a studio musician. The Studio Musician's Handbook approaches the subject from a whole new perspective, showing how the principles and practices of a top recording session can be applied to any studio setting. Bobby Owsinski and Paul Ill bring their 20+ years of experience to the forefront, covering everything an enterprising gun-for-hire needs to know to run a rock-solid business. Illustrated with tales of pitfalls and success from the careers of some of Hollywood's top session players, Owsinski and Ill explain in full detail the inner workings of a professional Hollywood recording date and offer a step-by-step program that touches on everything from etiquette to equipment essentials to who pays who for what. The book also includes guides tailored to the specific needs of guitarists, bassists, vocalists, drummers, keyboard, percussion, brass, and string players, The included DVD takes the viewer through an actual studio session with professional players and includes the same practice and preparation exercises studio musicians use. By arming readers with sound business knowledge, the right tools, and an understanding of how a recording session really works, The Studio Musician's Handbook will help you attract and keep clients and seamlessly glide from date to date as in in-demand studio player. About the Authors: Los Angeles-based music industry veteran Bobby Owsinski heads the production house Surround Associates and the content creation company 2B Media. Paul Ill is a studio musician whose credits include Aerosmith, Alicia Keys, James Blunt, and Courtney Love among others. He is the owner of the LA recording studio the Psychedelic Shack and an ASCAP Annual Music Journalism Award nominee.
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